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Looking to adventuring throughout the world with ease? Are you planning to travel abroad? Here are some of the useful travel tips and information that will help you get prepared for your next trip.

A Short Guide to Choosing the best Hotel

Many of us go away on holiday and expect to find a hotel which is perfect and with no flaws. However, the reality is...
Congo Gorillas

10 Tips for Tourists Visiting Congo Gorillas

A face to face encounter with the rare mountain gorillas has become the most sought after adventure in Africa. Staring at the large primates...
Virtual Gorilla Tours in Rwanda

How to Get the Most From Your Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Gorilla trekking can be considered as one of the unique and exciting activities that you will be able to do while spending your time...

Self Driving Tips for Africa Visitors

Traveling to Africa from overseas can give one very many Questions and memories. Many travelers today most especially backpackers prefer self driving, an option...

Packing Your Luggage for Your Trip

Luggage is probably the most under appreciated item we use when traveling. Often luggage is not thought of till the last minute before leaving...

Voluntourism: 6 Important Great Holiday Tips

Volunteering is not only a meaningful way to spend your time helping with a worthy cause but is also a way to travel and...

Go Mountain Trekking in Nepal

Nepal offers a wide range of treks. Since most treks start and end in rather low areas ; climbing towards higher valleys, you will...

How To Choose The Best Rental Car For Your Next Trip

Here are some things to consider when choosing a car hire Choosing the right kind of rental car for your trip is almost as important...

6 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance for your Next Trip

Travel insurance is one of the most important things that you can purchase for any international trip and, whether you are going abroad for...
Save Gas

Saving Gas with Rental Cars: Important Things to Know

There are numerous no- or low-cost steps you can take to combat rising gas prices while enjoying your travel. Most cars can run on...


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