Ecuador lies in the Northwestern part of South America. The coastline of the Pacific Ocean borders it. To the northeast, you have Columbia and to the east and south lies Peru.

Following are the places worth visiting:

Quito – It is the capital of Ecuador. It has been bestowed as the UNESCO World Heritage city.

Banos – This is the adventure capital of Ecuador.   The Volcano Tungurahua gives out small eruptions of lava and ash and you can find small hot springs here.

Cuenca – This is the third largest city.   It has been awarded as UNESCO World Heritage trust.

Guayaquil – the biggest city of Ecuador and it is also the largest port city.

You could cover all the abovementioned places either through bus or train or through a hired cab. There are intercity buses which travel to every part of Ecuador. The central bus terminal is organized and you need to buy tickets worth $1 to $2 per hour basis. The frequency of the buses is also fantastic. During the holiday season, there is slight rush. All the buses have an inbuilt toilet facility for women. The bus journey is really breathtaking and it goes through beautiful mountains. Spanish is the local language but English is widely spoken in restaurants and hotels.

Eat outs and Hotels

Depending on the location, there are lot of eat outs and restaurants. Rice is served during lunch and dinner. Potatoes are quite popular. Soup constitutes a major part during meal times. Breakfast comprises of bread toasts, juice, fruit and eggs. Fruit shakes and Batidos are quite popular snack items for breakfast.

Simple meals are served in restaurants and you do not need to shell more than $ 2 daily. A dinner comprises of meat main course, a simple soup and a desert and this would only be $1-$2.

Boarding and Lodging

Budge hotels are available where you have to pay as low as $6 for a night’s stay. If you want to have additional amenities like an air conditioner, you need to pay an extra dollar per night.