Rome is the capital city of the Italian Peninsula and is located in the central western portion, in the Lazio region. It has a history of around two and a half thousand years. Rome is home to the Pope, the leader of the Roman Catholic religion, where he lives in the Vatican City.

Rome has been influential to other countries in architecture, culture, politics, literature, law, philosophy , religion, art and education .

Rome’s main attractions are:

In the Vatican city’s premises one can visit,  St.Peter’s Square , St.Peter’s Basilica , Vatican museum, amazing gardens including numerous fountains and the sistine chapel with it’s famous painted ceiling dating back to medivial times.

The Colosseum took ten years to build and was used for combats between gladiators and wild animals. It is one of the Major attractions in Rome.

Pantheon is a building of the imperial Rome, built as a temple to all Gods.

Castel Sant Angelo, a mighty fortress , was used as a prison and also as the pope’s residence. In the Fortress there’ s  a passage that connects the castle to the Vatican City.

Trevi fountain is the most visited fountain in rome, with it’s baroque architecture and impeccable craftsmenship it is a top attraction. The Central figure is Neptune, the god of the seas with two horses on both his sides that contrast the moods of the sea, calm and rough. This fountain was used in many films such as La Dolce Vita , Fellini’s creation in the 1950′s. Tradition is to throw a coin in the fountain for goodluck.

The Spanish Steps is a masterpience of a square with an irregular shape. It was built between 1723 – 1726 and designed by Francesco Desanctis. In the middle of the square one finds the small but beautiful Baraccia Fountain which was built to commemorate the disaterous flood caused by Tevere river the very same year.