For a travel enthusiast like me, there are so many things that I have to consider first before hitting my desired place. Booking a hotel is probably one of my top most priorities. It is very important to me to know the accommodation, the facility and the location of my hotel before reserving or booking a room. I wouldn’t mind staying in a budget hotel as long as it is nice and it was able to meet all my expectation. I am not a perfectionist but I always make sure that i will be picking a hotel that would satisfy my taste.

My girlfriend and I were planning to go out of the country in celebration of our 5th anniversary. Yes, we’re five years and our relationship is getting stronger. We are engage but we don’t have definite date yet for the wedding that we’ve been always planning about. Nevertheless, we are happy with our status and we’re enjoying our moments together. I have relatives in Istanbul and we’re actually quite fascinated with the place and in fact, my cousins are inviting me to visit them soon. This is a great opportunity and I would highly consider this destination.

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