THE NETHERLANDS is one of the smallest countries of Western Europe, yet interesting to visit. The country boasts a rich history of being the biggest global naval force, founding the city of nowadays New York City and many exploration quests around the world. Much of this history can still be seen in and around the bigger cities. The capital city of Amsterdam is a city everyone knows but is far from the only place in the country worth visiting.

Traveling to the Netherlands is easy, as almost any airline flies to Schiphol airport. US Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufhansa, Emirates Airlines, British Airways, Iberia Group and Air China are just a select group of airlines flying to Schiphol. Flights can be booked at most big agencies like Expedia, EasyJets, Liberty Travel and many more offer holidays in the Netherlands. Because of the mild sea climate in the Netherlands, it would be best travelling there during summer, but even in summer you should anticipate on rainy days as they are not that rare in July or August. When in the Netherlands, of course be sure to visit the Amsterdam Canals, the Rembrandt Museum, the famous Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh museum and the old railway station.

When you have seen enough of the old streets of Amsterdam, a 25 minute train travel to the city of Utrecht is definitely worth it. Just like Amsterdam it has old canals, but the atmosphere of the city is much more like a small village. The city boasts many great restaurants like “de oude Muntkelder” which serves typically Dutch pancakes.

The Netherlands is a pretty crowded country. Do not expect huge nature scenery, but there are some nice areas with lots of nature. Visit the “Veluwe”, one of the view areas in Holland that’s not completely flat. Wandering through the forests you might even be lucky enough to stumble across wild boar, deer and foxes. Make sure you visit the dolmens in the Drenthe province in the east of the country. These stones have been placed here by old tribes thousands of years ago. While you’re there, enjoy the Dutch rural area. The east of Holland is much less densely populated than the west.