Ireland is an ideal destination for a relaxing break, family holiday, adventure and Nightlife . This country abounds with amazing countryside, ideal for relaxing picnics or long walks and charming small villages. The main cities offer all standards of accommodation, efficient public transport and have the most cheerful Irish pubs that play Irish music, always well stocked with their famous Guinness Beer. Irish people are very friendly and happy go lucky.

The weather can be a disadvantage because it rains a lot but once you see Ireland’s beauty, you forget about it. The best time to visit Ireland is between June and August, this is when they have the lowest precipitation.

Ireland’s main cities are:

 Dublin, Ireland’s capital city is one of the most visited cities in Europe . One can find pubs, fine restaurants, Museums, Historical buildings, monuments, beautiful parks and a large variety of shops. Other attractions nearby include:

  • Wicklow Mountains national park, drive through narrow country roads and visit the upper and lower lake and Glendalough wood nature reserve which offers amazing trails and beautiful mountain scenery
  • Glendalough in Wicklow County ,an hour drive from Dublin , has fine ruins and beautiful hiking trails through forest, lakesides and mountains
  • Powerscourt waterfall, admire its powerful rush and beautiful  forest setting
  • Sally and Wicklow gap boast amazing views of the surrounding mountains

Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and is well known for its festival, excellent food and pubs. One of Cork’s main attractions is the Blarney castle, also famous for its blarney stone which as tradition people kiss the stone for good fortune.

Galway is a city on the river Corrib and is also well-known for its several musical festivals held every summer. With its outstanding landscapes, Mountains and lush valleys, Galway offers a perfect retreat for every individual. When visiting Galway, one cannot miss a visit to the Cliffs of Moher and Corrib Lake.

  • One of Ireland’s must see attractions are the Cliffs of Moher, beautiful cliffs in a picture perfect location. The Cliffs , rise up to 230 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. By the cliffs one can find the Visitor centre that was built in a way to camouflage with the scenery. It has a souvenir shop, information centre, coffee shop, restaurant and view point.
  • Corrib lake, situated on the western region, is the second largest lake in Ireland and is famous for its’ 365 tiny islands scattered across the lake. It is also popular with fisherman and boat enthusiasts. Its stunning surroundings offer astonishing views and great walks through forest trails. Ashford castle, set up on Corrib’s shores, is an exceptionally remarkable site.

Killarney is surely the most visited by tourists, mainly because it is the starting point of many trips to the Ring of Kerry.

Kilkenny is an interesting medieval town easily accessible from Dublin. With its beautiful buildings, imposing Norman Castle and numerous festivals makes Kilkenny a most desirable location.

Sligo’s main attractions are the surrounding mountains, beaches and amazing scenery.

Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city. A visit to the Granary Museum is a must; it is the best for ancient Irish History in the Country.