TRANSPORTATION An easy system of buses and trams, most beginning from the vicinity of Town Hall. A good buy is a card good for 10 trips. However the best buy is the COPENHAGEN CARD, expensive but convenient, for all transportation and museums. Senior Discount available for transportation. Also transfer as often as you like during a one-hour period. S-Trains (S-Tog) are rapid transportation to the suburbs.

TIVOLI is a large, happy amusement park in city center. It’s one of Europe’s top attractions. The setting and décor are magnificent and everything is fun. Most tourists like to go in the evening when colored lights bathe the park in a fairy-tale glow. There’s free entertainment everywhere on open-air stages. Fireworks We/Sa/Su at midnight. Daily 10-12P.

THE LITTLE MERMAID Denmark’s most beloved and most photographed statue. Dedicated in 1913 she sits on a rock at LANGELINIE QUAY in the harbor area. She has been damaged several times by vandals (as recently as 1998 the statue was be-headed), but she’s always restored and returned to her rock. Bus 1,6,9…S TOG to OSTERPORT + a walk…SPEC SHUTTLE FROM TOWN HALL.

AMALIENBORG PALACE One of the 4 palaces on AMALIENBORG SQUARE where the present Queen of Denmark lives. Changing of the Guard daily at noon IF THE QUUEN IS IN RESIDENCE. Check the flag. Bus 1,6,9,10.

CHRISTIANSBORG PALACE This was the official residence of the Danish kings until 1794. Located on the SLOTSHOLMEN, a small island where the city began, it’s an impressive palace, which now houses the ROYAL RECEPTION ROOMS where there are tours at 2 and 4 PM except Mon. Be sure and see the THEATRE MUSEUM, an old Baroque court theatre, and the ROYAL DANISH ARSENAL, one of the longest halls in Europe, for the display of airplanes, tanks, and uniforms. Bus 1,2,6,8,9,10,28,29,31,37,41,43.

COPENHAGEN NATIONAL MUSEUM This was once the palace of the crown prince. Today it’s a museum housing the history of man. One of the most important items is the Bronze Age SUN CHARIOT FROM TRUNDHOLM. Located at 12 Frederiksholms Kanal. Daily 10-4. Closed Mon. Bus 1,2,5,6,8,10.

ROSENBORG CASTLE An ornate Renaissance palace located at 4 Ostervoldgade in the Kongens Have area. Built in 1606 by King Christian IV, it now houses a collection of royal treasures. Be sure and see the CROWN JEWELS in the basement vault. Take the S-Tog to NORREPORT and then a short walk. Bus 5,10,14,16,31,43. Daily 11-3.

ROYAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS Mostly Danish art, but there are good paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt, Titian, Tintoretto, Braque, and Picasso. Daily except Mon 10-5. Bus 40.

NY CARLSBERG GLYPTOTEK This museum was donated by the Carlsberg Foundation and contains a vast collection of ancient art, a large collection of French paintings and a very good collection of the French Impressionists. Located at Dantes Plads, directly across the street from the back entrance of Tivoli. Daily except Mon 10-4. Bus 1,2,5,10,14,16,28,29,30,32,33,34.

KUNSTINDUSTRIMUSEET This is the Museum of Decorative Art – a graceful building with a small courtyard in front. A large collection of furniture and decorative art. Located between Amalienborg Palace and the Esplanaden at 68 Bredgade. Daily except Mon 1-4.

CARLSBERG BREWERY Free tours on weekdays at 11 A and 2:30 P. It’s an interesting tour through all parts of the brewery – part walking, part tram – ending in the museum tasting room – for free beer and cheese. Bus 6,18 from Town Hall. (THERE MAY BE A TOUR AT 9 AM).

THE ROUND TOWER Built in 1642 by Christian IV as an observatory. There’s a good panoramic view from the top. Located on Kobmagergade. Daily 10-5. Sun 12-4.

COPENHAGEN BYMUSEUM This is the city museum containing objects illustrating the history of Copenhagen. Located at 59 Vesterbrogade. Daily except Mon 10-4.

THORVALDSEN’S MUSEUM A monument to Denmark’s foremost sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen. The museum contains his statues, models, and sketches, as well as his private art collection. Located near Christianborg Castle. Daily 10-4. Free.

DENMARK’S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM MUSEUM On display is a graphic record of the German occupation of Denmark and the resistance to this occupation. Located in Churchill Park. Daily except Mon 10-4.

NYHAVN The Greenwich Village of Copenhagen – a rowdy street of bars and cafes – just a few yards from the plush Hotel d’Angleterre, near the big square called KONGENS NYTORV.

CIRKUS BENNEWEIS Some say this is the best circus Europe. Located on the Axeltorv, one block from Town Hall Square, in its own, clean and comfortable theatre. (IT MAY NOW BE CLOSED. CHECK).

MARBLE CHURCH A 2nd century church with a dome of copper, which is among the largest in the world. Located at 4 Frederiksgade. Real name: FREDERIK’S CHURCH.

TUSSAUD WAX MUSEUM One of the newer attractions in Copenhagen, featuring over 150 wax figures. Located at 22 H.C. Anderson. It’s part of Tivoli.

CITY AND HARBOR TOUR This tour goes through many canals and by the Little Mermaid. Departs from Town Hall at 9:30, 1:00, 3:00…2 ½ hours.

EROTIC MUSEUM This museum opened in 1992 and is totally uninhibited. Each of the 4 floors is devoted to a different period of time. Yes, you can see EVERYTHING here. 31 Vesterbrogade. Mon-Fri Noon-11 PM. Sa/Su 10-9 PM.

EXCURSION TO ELSINORE Elsinore (Helsingor in Danish) is 25 miles from Copenhagen. It is visited for its HAMLET CASTLE, but the town is charming – a market square, medieval streets, and old brick buildings. In earlier days the town grew rich from the dues collected from ships passing by. It’s still rich because this is the entry/exit port to/from Denmark-Sweden and the shops are loaded with “duty free”. After walking around town, walk to KRONBORG CASTLE (You’ll see it over a bridge). This castle is associated with Hamlet, but even if he had really lived, he would have lived centuries before this castle was built in 1574-1585. In addition, there’s no evidence that Shakespeare ever saw this castle. The castle is bleak and austere, but certainly with charm. It’s sandstone, copper-covered Dutch Renaissance building full of secret passages. Do see the Dungeon. Take the train (DSB) to Elsinore. There is a special round-trip ticket available. (Elsinore is about 5 miles farther than the LOUISIANA MUSEUM). Daily 10-5.

LOUISIANA MUSEUM Located on the coast at HUMLEBAECK…22 miles from Copenhagen. This is Denmark’s famous Museum of Contemporary Art. Included are outstanding examples of POP, OP, ABSTRACT ART in a beautiful setting. The building is considered an architectural gem, but the sculpture gardens with a great view of the water are truly outstanding. This is really a pleasant trip/excursion. Take the train from platform 1 or 2 to HUMLEBAECK, and then bus 388 from the Humlebaeck platform. There’s a special roundtrip fare for the train/bus. Daily 10-6.

EXCURSION TO MALMO SWEDEN Malmo is Sweden’s 3rd largest city. It’s a modern city with a 13th century core…located directly across the channel from Copenhagen. It’s reached by boat/ferry or by hydrofoil. Visitors enjoy the architecture in the old town. See the Malmo Museum at Malmohus, which is a 15th century castle. The ferry takes 90 minutes and the hydrofoil takes 45 minutes. Both depart from HAVNEGADE at the corner of NYHAVN.

ARKEN MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Located at STRANDPARKEN, ISHOJ, 20 KM from Copenhagen. The art, architecture and sculpture of the 20th century are grouped together in one building, which rises like a huge ship’s hull in metal and white concrete.

ROSKILDE DOMKIRKE The burial place of Danish kings and queens…for centuries. It gives a unique insight into 800 years of Danish building and history. The Royal Chapel is the reason for a visit. 30 KM from Copenhagen.

KAREN BLIXEN MUSEET This is where Karen Blixen lived as a child and when she returned to Denmark after 17 years in Africa. The rooms are as they were when she lived in them. Her grave is beautifully located in a corner of the large park. The museum is located at RUNGSTEDLUND, which is 20 KM from Copenhagen.

ORDRUPGAADSAMLINGEN A museum with French Art from Delacroix to Matisse, with an emphasis on the Impressionists. Located at ORDRUPGAAD, CHARLOTTENLUND, which is 10 KM from Copenhagen.

ROYAL COPENHAGEN You can see how the famous hand-decorated porcelain is made. Located at SMALLEGADE, FREDERIKSBERG, which is 3 KM from Copenhagen.

VIKINGESKIBSHALLEN This museum holds 5 Viking ships, which were raised, from the bottom of Roskilde Fjord in 1962. Films are shown on both the excavation and the reconstruction. Located at ROSKILDE, which is 30 KM from Copenhagen.

STROGET This is Copenhagen’s famous shopping street. Do go by.

NOTE : When walking around Copenhagen, keep in mind that there are many surprises to experience, simply by “looking up” at the buildings, lampposts, etc. You’ll see exquisite storm drains decorated with the Danish Coat of Arts…dragons, snakes, lions, horses, cows, fish holding up the lit section at the top of street lights…nude female sculptures and/or centaurs holding up balconies…and above the elephant tower at the Carlsberg Brewery, be sure and look up to the window on the left. There, the two brother/founders are seated looking out on their life’s work. It’s a bronze sculpture, and scarcely any one is aware of it.