CURRENCY The Kroner (kr)…100 Ore to the Krone. Bills are 5,10,50,100,500. Coins are 5,10,25 Ore and 1,5,10 Kroner.

LANGUAGE Danish, but English is widely spoken.

TEMPERATURE Mild for a Scandinavian Country. Summer Average 61-77.

BANK HOURS Mon-Fri 9:30-4 SHOP HOURS Mon-Fri 9-5:30 Sat 9-1

THINGS TO BUY Sweaters, glass, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain, art reproductions. The added value tax (MOMS) adds 20% to the price of an item. Ship it and save the tax.

FOOD Excellent. Some say it equals food in France.

DRINK Beer (Carlsberg or Tuborg). The National Liquor is AKVAVIT, which is chased with beer. Spirits are expensive. Drink beer as the Danes do.

TIPPING Restaurants include a service charge and you are not expected to tip more. Taxis also include their tip and no more is expected. Tip only restroom attendants, porters, or anyone who REALLY does something special for you.

KASTRUP AIRPORT You’ll probably arrive here. An SAS bus departs from here every 20 minutes and goes to Central Station in Copenhagen…35 minutes. Beginning in 1998 a train will go to Central Station…9 minutes. Take a taxi from the station to your hotel.

REST ROOMS Located in all large plazas, such as Town Hall Square.

MISCELLANEOUS The added value tax (MOMS) is added to almost every item sold. In restaurants look for the line “alle priser inclu MOMS” meaning that the service charge is included. Self-service restaurants do not add this tax. 50% of a Dane’s income goes to pay taxes – yet they are very friendly people.

A fee is charged for every travel check you cash – with a minimum. It’s best to go to Amer. Express (Amergertorv 18) where there’s no fee.

Senior Discounts are available on public transportation and museums.

A taxi to the airport in 1997 was approximately $21 to $25.

FOR FREE MAPS AND INFORMATION Write Scandinavian Tourist Board – Denmark, 655 34d Avenue, 18th floor, New York NY 10017