Salzburg in on the SALZACH RIVER, which divides the town in half … the new city (right bank with the railway station and most large hotels, and the old city (left bank), the historic heart of Salzburg. To see Salzburg, YOU WALK because the old city is a living museum.

BIRTHPLACE OF MOZART … is the most heavily visited attraction in Salzburg. Located at 9 Getreidegasse, on the 3rd floor, is the apartment where Mozart was born and lived for the first seven years of his life. He began to compose in this very apartment. You will be greatly affected to see the crib of his first years and well as the original furnishings of the apartment. Daily June-August. 9-6. Bus 1 from Station. Better to walk. It’s not far.

HOHENSALZBURG FORTRESS: Built from 1077-1681 as a residence for religious leaders who ruled Salzburg for more than 500 years, this fortress is impressive not simply as a perfectly preserved medieval fortress, but for the panoramic view it affords of all of Salzburg). This enormous castle, with walls, turrets and fortifications was built entirely by hand, without machinery. A FUNICULAR located on Monchsberg (the hill dominating Salzburg) takes one to the main entrance. Tours leave every 15 minutes from 9-5:30. You’ll be guided through the fortress, up and down many steps and along wooden corridors, stopping to hear explanations of every major feature, including the Royal Suite. You can also go thru independently on your own.

HAUS DER NATUR: This is the Museum of Natural History at 5 Museumplatz. Daily except Sunday 9-12, 2-5. You’ll see practically everything that lives or grows on our planet… in brilliant displays. Included are pre-historic animals, a calf with 2 heads, a chicken with 4 legs, etc.-

HELLBRUNN PALACE: 3 miles south of Salzburg … built in 17th century as a hunting lodge for the archbishops. It features numerous hidden trick fountains and water sprays on the large grounds. The archbishop could (and someone will do it today), by a wink of the eye to a servant, cause a waterspout to jolt the serenity of a visitor. There’s also a toy theatre, imposing statues among the well-hidden outlets, which spit water. Take bus H from the railway station (every 30 min) to the stop in front of the palace. 9-4:30.

SALT MINES NEAR HALLEIN: 10 miles south and more interesting that they may sound. They are huge salt mines in the Durrnstein Mountain, in operation from Roman times. Take an early train from Salzburg… 15 minutes. In Hallein, walk to the River, cross it and follow signs. A miner will conduct the one-hour tour.

CABLE CAR TO UNTERSBERG: Daily 8:30-5. From St. Leonhard, 7 miles from Salzburg, the cable car takes you to the summit of the Untersberg Mountain.

THE CARILLON AT MOZARTPLATZ: Daily at 7 AM, 11 AM, 5:30 PM, this 35-bell chime will play its tunes.

CATHEDRAL MUSEUM AND EXCAVATIONS: On Residenzplatz, the cathedral is famed for its three bronze doors. The Museum is open daily Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5. The excavations are available to visitors.

MONCHSBERG ELEVATOR: At the “in-city” mountain of the same name, it leads from the Anton Neumayer Platz to a panoramic platform, just below the Cafe Winkler … Daily 7-3.

MOZART’S RESIDENCE: … At 8 Markartplatz … not to be confused with the birthplace. It was here that Mozart lived as an adult from 1773 to 1787. 10-6.

MUSEUM CAROLINO AUGUSTEUM: Also known as the City Museum … contain5 a collection of art exhibits ranging from ancient to modern times. Tue-Sun 9 – 5.

NATIONAL COSTUME MUSEUM: At 23 Griesgasse, 2nd floor. The exhibits are of traditional Salzburgian female dress, past and present. Mon-Sat 10-2,2-5.

RESIDENCE GALLERY: An art gallery of 16th-19th century paintings. Located at 1 Residenzplatz … daily 10-5.

CATACOMBS OF ST. PETER: At I Sankt Peter Bezirk. The church has a quiet, lovely Rococo interior. The frequently conducted tours of the catacombs include visits to tombs of relatives of Mozart and Haydn. 9-5.

TOY MUSEUM: Though it displays every conceivable sort of toy – from a hand-carved Noah’s Ark to a merry-go-round, from model trains to tin soldiers, dating from the 16th century to now, more adults than children are in evidence. Located at 2 Burgerspitalplatz. Daily except Mon 9-5.

DOM (CATHEDRAL): Salzburg’s DOM was originally built in 8th century. The present cathedral is considered the finest example of an early Baroque building north of the Alps. This is where Mozart was baptized and played the organ. See the 3 bronze doors and 4000 pipe organ. Daily 6-8.