Air travel to Austria is the most popular way to get to Austria. There is a rich choice of air travel to Austria deals ranging from cheapest air travel to Austria options represented by such low-cost budget airlines as ryanair, easyjet and some others, to most expensive VIP flights to Austria.

Certainly, before going to Austria one has to decide upon the best Austria travel insurance in order to minimize risks to one’s life and property that a journey to Austria could bring. Austria insurance companies may help one to chose and book the appropriate Austria travel insurance that would suit the purposes of the visitor the most.

Then, one could employ the help of travel agencies once one is already in Austria. Travel agencies in Austria also advice on a wide range of travel deals including sightseeing tours, cultural and adventure trips to other Austrian cities and many more. Travel agencies in Austria could be found by means of extracting information from Internet sources as well as local newspapers.

Austria train travel could be another way to familiarize oneself with the beauties of Austria once one is already there. Austria train travel is a popular way to get to one village or city from another; this is due to the fact there is a dense network of train routes in Austria operated by the state-run rail company OBB. The official OBB website would make it possible to plan a journey with the help of a train journey planner as well as book the train tickets online.

Next, millions of tourists smuggle themselves to Austria from the neighboring Germany via the Germany Austria travel route. Being at the crossroads of Europe, Austria indeed has a long border with Germany and getting to Austria from Germany is very popular among the tourists traveling Europe. It is so popular that Austria tour packages are specifically prepared and sold in Germany as part of the Germany Austria travel program.
Air Travel To Austria Advice
Air travel to Austria is one of the options to get to this country for sightseeing and cultural purposes. There is a rich choice of air travel deals to Austria ranging from cheapest air travel to Austria options to most expensive VIP flights to Austria.

Economical air travel to Austria options could perhaps be represented by such cheapest air travel to Austria deals as budget airlines ryanair, easyjet and some others. These low-cost budget airlines charge unbelievably low fares for their services that in some cases can only barely supersede their costs. However, these air travel deals could also have their disadvantages: they offer no refund in case of flight cancellation or change of flight bookings for other calendar dates. These low-cost budget airlines also do not offer any food on board unlike most regular airlines. When considering the disadvantage of no refund in case of cancellation, it is possible to obtain a refund or change bookings in the case of regular Austrian airlines. Air Austria flights offered by Austrian airlines combine the advantages of moderate cost and comfort. Air Austria flights are not the cheapest travel deal possible and there could be other ways to get to Austria, however, air Austria flights do not lose their popularity even in the presence of cheaper means of transportation. In order to book air Austria flights one could use the help of any travel agency that offers Austria travel packages; alternatively one could book air Austria flights online with the help of Austrian airlines website.


CURRENCY: The Euro… 100 cents to the Euro. Bills are 5,10,20,50,100,200. Coins are 1,2,5,10,20,50 cents and 1, 2, Euro. The Euro was introduced in 2002. THERE IS A SERVICE CHARGE PER TRAVEL CHECK CASHED.

TEMPERATURE: June and July are mild; in mid 70’s … some rain.

LANGUAGE: German … but English is spoken in tourist areas.


SHOP HOURS: M-F 8-6. Sat 9-1

FOOD: Similar to German. BACKHENDL is young chichen, breaded and deep-fried.

GULYASSUPPE is a long-simmering Goulash. NATURSCHNITZEL is an unbreaded cutlet.

TAFELSPITZ is boiled beef with chive sauce, potatoes, apples and horseradish.

DRINK: Wines are your best bet… a great variety. And Beer.

TIPPING: A tip is automatically added to your bill. If satisfied, leave 5-10% more. Leave a tip for your chambermaid at the hotel. Tip porters.

SCHWECHAT AIRPORT: There is rail service from the Schwechat Airport to Vienna, daily, except Sunday, about every hour. Bus service also links the airport and the city terminal Building near Bahnhof-Wien-Mitte. The city Terminal is the Hilton Hotel. Also, a microbus can deliver you to your hotel. All are much cheaper than a taxi.

FOR FREE MAPS AND INFORMATION: Write AUSTRIAN NATIONAL TOURIST OFFICE, P.O. Box 1142, Times Square, New York 10108 (212) 730-4568.