Dominican Republic

If you are visiting the Dominican Republic, it is important that you carry US dollars which are the simplest and easily exchangeable Forex.  US dollar is a recognized currency and it is quite competitive as well.  The Canadian dollar and Euro are exchanged for a lesser rate as compared to the USD.  It is advised that you carry a mix of ATM cards, travelers check and credit cards, just to be on the safer side.

Tips to be followed

Travelers need to keep certain things while traveling to foreign countries.  It is not very safe to drink unboiled tap water.  You could use it for making teas and coffees.   If you have a sensitive stomach, you need to use boiled water, even for brushing your teeth.  Bottled water is available everywhere.  Most of the resorts have purified water arrangements.   Dominican Republic (DR) has a lesser crime rate as compared to many other countries.  Pick pocketing and petty theft may be common though.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.  Hence, avoid wearing heavy jewellery which could catch everyone’s attention.  Isolated places anyways need to be avoided while you are on a vacation.

Women are advised not to dress very provocatively, since you could invite trouble.   Be simple and use your common sense.  This would save you from a hell lot of problems.  Anyways you are on a vacation and your focus would be to enjoy every minute of the vacation.

Safety at Dominican beaches:

DR beaches are safe; there may be occasional strong waves, but stick to the seashore.    If you have had a heavy mail, do not venture out windsurfing or sail boating.  You might puke and also do not go swimming alone.  Carry less valuables and wear less of jewellery and do not leave anything on the beach and regret the same later.  There have been petty cases of theft and robbery where tourists have been robbed of their tickets and cameras.

DR is strict as regards as gambling and drinking.  The permitted age is 18 years.  There are many discos where you need to produce your age identity.  Many Casinos and discos have lately become very strict in that respect.

The right time to take a tour to DR is July and August.  The months from December to March are also ideal.   The rains hit DR on and off.  Occasionally, there might be a storm.

Language problem – If you know English, you could manage here.  Though it is not important to know Spanish, if you know the language it would be well and good. You could anyways learn few simple words like thank you, please and put that smile on your face.

If you are traveling with you infant, you need to carry some bottled water and powdered milk while going out for sight seeing. You also get pasteurized juice.  Do not forget to carry the pack of disposable diapers.  Hats and baby sunscreen are a must.