Sydney Australia holds good memories for the writer. Ripper party, mate! could be heard for many days on and after January 1, 2000. (Ripper means terrific or great.)

On almost any new year, watching fireworks in the vicinity of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is worth the trip to Australia and the subsequent required hangover.

Sydney Harbour has the famous Sydney Opera House which has completely unique and globally recognized architecture. The story of how the Sydney Opera House was built (or almost not built) is worth the tour.

Sydney Australia is by no means a one attraction town. If you had a time constraint, these are the Sydney Australia site to see, in no real order:

The Rocks: an historic district right near the Sydney Harbour Bridge with both real and kitschy shopping.

Sydney Opera House: do the tour and learn about Jorn Utzon and the most bizarre building project in the 20th century.

Macquarie’s Chair: Take a walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens and investigate the rock cut into a bench at the end of Mrs. Macquarie’s Road. It is said that Mrs. Macquarie (wife of the colony’s governor back in 1810-1821) used to sit on the rock and watch ships from England sail into Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Aquarium: This displays the diverse sea life unique to Australia. The platypus is a must-see.

Australian Museum: If you have time for one museum, this one is important as it helps you appreciate the impact of imported animals (like cats) on Australian native animals.

Taronga Zoo: Take the ferry from Circular Quay. The zoo is on Bradley’s Head Rd, Mosman, Sydney. You will have the opportunity to see Australian animals that are tricky to see in the wild.

Outside of central Sydney Australia, if there one beach to visit, it’s Bondi Beach. Pronounce it “Bond-eye Beach” to avoid being mocked by locals. This is a popular beach in the Eastern Sydney Suburbs. It was the location of the 2000 Olympics beach volleyball competitions.

When planning your Australian trip, Sydney Australia is mandatory and could consume your time entirely.