When travelling in Australia, garments might have unfamiliar words. For example, sand shoes are a name for sneakers and underdacks is a term for underwear.

At about 1.4 million people, Perth’s metropolitan area is almost 75% of the population of Western Australia. The city is situated on the Swan River and in 1829 was originally founded as the Swan River Settlement. The greater Perth area includes the port of Fremantle and the town of Rockingham.

To quickly enjoy downtown Perth, a walking tour is a good idea. Start at the Western Australia Visitor Centre, which is the corner of Forrest Place and Wellington St. (It is a good place to get a map and find out what’s on.)

As you explore, look for the Western Australian Museum on James Street. Look for the Tudor style London Court off the Hay Street Mall. On Barrack Street, you will find the Central Government Buildings, which were built between 1874 and 1902. Nearby is the Perth Town Hall. About five blocks away from the town hall is the Perth Mint, which has been in operation since 1899. St. Mary’s Cathedral is on Victoria Square and had its foundation stone placed in 1863.

Kings Park is worth the visit as it has a botanic garden. Look for guided tours.

The Western Australian Museum has a preserved megamouth shark in its courtyard. This species of shark was only discovered in 1976 and there are only a few known to have been examined.

The Perth Zoo on Labouchere Rd in south Perth has an excellent nocturnal animal display.


This town near Perth was named after Captain Charles Fremantle who founded a settlement in 1829. Convict labour was used to create a lunatic asylum on Finnerty St., which is now the Fremantle History Museum, which documents the social history and heritage of Western Australia.

Rottnest Island

Named by the Dutch, this island is home to the unique cat-sized marsupial the quokka. Due to their tails, the Dutch thought they were huge rats. The island is a short boat ride from Fremantle and is a great day trip to ride bicycles and enjoy the beaches. Be warned that feeding quokkas at the roadside is not allowed, but they still came up to beg.

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