Uganda is a naturally endowed country that can have its visitors soaked in her natural beauty.It is surely a haven on earth. The pearl of Africa is blessed with abundant natural beauty and resources such as the beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers, escarpments,domes, platues, caves, various wildlife and bird species, the varying vegetation types, forests, all offer tourists very wonderful safaris and extraordinary experiences. This explains why so many travellers flock Uganda so as to discover its abundant natural beauty, here is the list of the different lifetime experiences offered by Uganda;

The Primates

Primate watching is one of the trending tourist adventures in Uganda and among the enjoyed primates we have the endangered mountain gorillas, baboons, monkeys and chimpanzees among others.


Chimpanzee tracking can best be enjoyed from Kibale forest national park found in western Uganda. There’s a high mass of chimpanzee population in this forest that can offer tourists the best chimpanzee tracking experiences. However, there are other places where chimpanzee tracking can be carried out that is; Kyambura gorge forest and KaniyoPabidi forest reserve (part of the Murchison falls conservation area), though their concentration is not as big as that of the Kibale forest reserve national park.

Chimpanzee tracking is quite a rewarding tourist activity that offers great satisfaction to tourists and this can be experienced from any of the chimpanzee homes / habitats mentioned above.

Kibale forest national park is a chimpanzee habituation camp and therefore offers longer hours in the jungle for those wishing to have a greater period of time with these creatures and in addition, enjoying great sights of other wildlife and various bird species.

Mountain Gorillas

The other piece of wildlife species which can be enjoyed under primate watching; is the mountain gorilla. They are mountain gorillas because they live in mountainous areas of high altitude and very cold conditions and are able to survive such due to their possession of thick fur on their bodies. Mountain gorillas are among the closest relatives of man with a 98% DNA of humans.

In Uganda mountain gorilla trekking can be enjoyed from the forested mountains of Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest and Mgahinga national park, all located in the south western part of the country. Mountain gorilla trekking is Uganda’s bestselling tourist activity and it offers tourists exciting experiences after having an hour encounter with the endangered species of wildlife – the mountain gorillas. N this one hour, tourist view the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat; playing, eating, teasing each other, sleeping or even nurturing the young ones.


Monkeys and baboons, in the Pearl of Africa, are also a part of the primate watching adventure. They are very interesting creatures that do offer great wildlife safaris experiences to tourists. These can be viewed from any of the Ugandan forests such as Kibale forest national park, Kyambura gorge, Mabira forest among others and the commonly viewed are the vervet and golden monkeys as well as the baboons among others.

The Birds

Uganda is one of the East African countries that can reward you with the best bird viewing experience. The pearl of Africa is blessed with a wide number of various bird species which can be viewed from the many Ugandan forests, swampy areas, around lakes and along river banks, and in the air flying about. Among the different bird species that can be enjoyed while visiting Uganda; the shoebill stork, weaverbirds, fish eagles, king fishers, Turacos and many others. The wonderful sights and sounds of birds can be best enjoyed with the help of well-trained birding safaris guides to equip you with the necessary information about the birds and also a pair of binoculars for clear bird sighting.

The Herbivores and Predators

In Uganda, tourists usually get great views of the herbivores and predators like; lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs, buffalos, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, zebras, Uganda kobs, waterbucks, bushbucks, Oribi, warthogs, impalas, hippos, duikers during game drives and boat cruises in the savanna woodlands and grasslands of Uganda like Kidepo valley national park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison falls national park etc. The herbivores basically feed on the green grass leaves of the park while the predators feed on the herbivores and usually hide in the bushes to grab their prey/ food. Viewing these creatures in their natural wilderness is quite exciting and a remarkable experience.

The wildlife safaris/ expeditions offered by Uganda are very amazing and can be experienced from any of her 10 national parks at any time of the year with the dry seasons most preferable.