For many people, Kenya is simply Africa! Kenya, lying astride the equator on the Eastern edge of Africa is a favorite holiday destination preferred for excellent safaris and holidays. The East Africa’s premier tourist destination really seem to have it all: wildlife and nightlife, cities and beaches, mountains and deserts, traditional cultures and modern arts, all couched in a range of landscapes as staggering in their diversity as they are stunning in their appearance. There are a million different reasons to come here, and picking just one is nigh on impossible.

The classic image of a safari savanna is perhaps the single key selling point for Kenya?s tourist industry, and, with all the famous fauna, no keen animal-spotter should go home disappointed. From trekking the glacial ridges of Mt. Kenya to Kite surfing off the white sands of the Indian Ocean Coast, and much more besides, clued-up visitors face an infinite choice of alternative settings and activities.

It boosts the best places to go for safaris in Africa. It’s said that the concept of a holiday safaris began in Kenya.

Kenya offers incredible experience to the visiting guests due to its awesome scenery characterized by rolling Savannah grasslands, pristine beaches, tropical rain-forest, golden deserts in Northern Kenya, snow capped peaks of Mt Kenya, abundant wildlife, dhow sailors, a deep rich culture, especially the one for the Masai People and a fine weather all year round that you can be in holiday throughout.

Kenya has a tenth of it’s land cover gazetted as national parks and national reserves. It’s home to the most famous national parks in the world which include Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, Masai Mara and the Kenyan coastline.

In addition the Kenyan Lakes System in the Rift Valley comprise a string of picturesque alkaline and fresh water bodies and has a breath taking scenery, teeming with an incredible diversity of birds (avifuana) and huge concentration of animals especially near the famous Lake Nakuru – where you can view both walls of this astonishing fissure, Lake Niavasha, Lake Elementeita and Lake Baringo.

As a case in point the Rift Valley region entices guest since the wildlife in the region is unique, varied and endangered such the Colobus Monkey, Black Rhinos, Grevy’s Zebras, Reticulated Giraffe, Zebra Mouse, Lesser Kudu Antelopes Leopards.

Celebrate Kenya’s infinite opportunities for a dream destination discover ,explorer, experience, invite, share and remember.