Amidst the interesting sights in Africa, the best to see are the upcoming cities here that are so much a part of this place. Today after the aftermath of the war, Angola in Central Africa is a great tourist destination. Central Africa today is known as Middle Africa as referred to by the UN, and travellers here like to bask in the Portuguese influence that is prevalent here even now. Tourists enjoy the amazing length of the coastline here that seems to stretch to an eternity. With the most serene wildlife zones and an equally intriguing landscape, Angola in Africa is not a bad bet at all in an African tour.

With the thick forests occupying a major part of the region, the rivers that flow through this place define its geographical diversity and the tourists love to enjoy the simply mesmerising feel that one gets when one comes here. The sandy terrain of the Namibian desert and the lovely atmosphere around makes the land a perfect haven for all those who wish to have some pleasures in this part of the world. The African wildlife here is very unique and the black palanca antelope is very special here in these regions.

Angola is re-emerging from decades of civil war, and adventurous travellers are beginning to tentatively discover its Portuguese architecture, miles of stunning coastline and little-visited wildlife parks. One can fly to Angola with Luanda as the nearest airport or come here by train, or even take the boat to the various ports of Namibe, Malongo, Luanda and Lobito.

While travelling to Angola there are some rules to be followed by all tourists. There are some restrictions of movements on visitors coming to the provinces lying in the north and the south of the Luanda region. It is better if they visitors come here through a sponsoring organization. Then crime should be taken care of. It is better to register with the respective embassy here on arrival and deregister when they leave.

Amongst the many things to do in Angola, the Calandula Waterfalls are greatly fascinating and endearing to see. The phenomenal sight of this huge water body, situated in the Malanje area of Middle Africa, the scenes during the rainy season is seen to be believed.

Visit the forts in the coastal areas especially the Fort Sao Miguel. Constructed in the year 1789, the fort was a slave depot and a great residential area for the Portuguese who lived here.

Enjoy the cultural delights at the Humbi Humbi art gallery located in Luanda and also experience the beach experience here at the Ilha beaches. This is just around five minutes from the main city and is a popular tourist spot.

Then you have the Kissama National Park which is another verdant beauty in this part of middle Africa. Around 70 km from Luanda, the park has the best kinds of wild animals like the palanca antelope which is actually found only in the Angolan region.

Then of course you have the magnificent city of Luanda which is the Angolan capital and has innumerable places of interest. See the fortress having the Museum of the Armed forces here and also go around the National museum of Anthropology.

At Luanda the Museum of Slavery is very famous and the historical value of this place is something to be felt.

Enjoy fishing at Santiago and just let your travel juices flow in Angola.