About Us

My Travel Guide is an online publication dedicated to offering all the information people need to travel off the beaten path. We feature travel tips, safaris and tours, holidays and vacations that will help you travel off the usual trails. Together with other travel experts we just love to find spots off the beaten path on vacations. These spots are hard to find since they’re not advertised as much as the tourist traps. But we haven’t let that stop us and have found beaches like deserted islands, nice wineries, amazing waterfalls, cozy restaurants, and so much more.

I hope you and others like you will add reviews from off the beaten path vacations all over the world! I started this website with my own reviews and hope you will help us and others who like to travel off the tourist path find those unique places that are, in my opinion, always nicer when they are not crowded with tourists!

Have many nice trips off the beaten path!

My Travel Guide is published by Creative Publishing Services, a print and web publishing business founded in 1982. We offer travel information, website links, information on publications and an informative newsletter on travel issues that will enable travelers to plan their trips based on the best possible information. While our sites are supported by advertising revenue, we value our independence and welcome your feedback. Please feel free to comment on any aspect of the site’s content.

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Why Use Our Guide

My Travel Guide is a weblog that was started with the quest to find roads less traveled or destinations that have never been traveler. It aims at helping travelers discover a side of the world that not many people have experienced before. Find plenty of places and destinations, things to see and do and many tourism potentials that have been less traveled or not even yet traveled. Featured on this weblog are different places with untouched natural beauty, adventures and trips, serene beautiful lodges and hotels and more that are less known to the travel world.

As you set off the beaten path, our helpful advice will let you discover the vibrant nature, culture and other treasures of the world. Explore local villages villages, indulge in  local cuisines, uncover ancient traditions and events, and explore unique treasures around the world.