The Best Locations for a Hunting Trip in Africa

Africa is a land of wonder and is viewed by many as a paradise for hunters. With millions of acres of free space and countless species of wild fauna, it can sure seem that way. But, with this abundance, how can you choose a location that ticks all the right boxes? Well, in this article, we’re going to showcase some of the best hunting destinations on the continent.


Botswana is fast becoming a top destination for wild game hunters around the world. The country itself relies greatly on hunt tourism and uses the revenues to finance wildlife conservation initiatives. Safari hunting brings in over 20 million dollars annually into the country’s coffers and creates more than 1,000 jobs, making it one of the most vibrant sectors of the economy. Botswana is the prime destination for anyone looking to hunt lion, elephant, and wild buffalo, which are recognized as some of the best in Africa. The country is also very stable with solid infrastructure, which will allow you to enjoy some luxuries as well.


Namibia is also another prime destination for wild game lovers. The Southwestern African country, which was largely unknown for hunting not too long ago, has become an eldorado for wild game. Namibia, like Botswana, is very stable with good infrastructure, making it a prime destination for European and American hunters.

Your best bet in the country is the big kudu, which populates much of the country. However, they are most commonly found around Erongo Hills in the central part of the country.


Mozambique, which is located in south-eastern Africa, has had its reputation as a prime safari destination tarnished by years of civil wars. However, the country has been gaining in popularity following years of stability. Even during the conflict, many areas were protected from poaching and Mozambique is slowly, but surely, regaining its place as a popular hunting spot.

The country offers some of the best buffalo hunting in the whole world, as well as tons of other prized species like the kudu, sable, waterbuck, and nyala. It’s also a prime destination for hippo hunting.

South Africa

South Africa’s massive land size offers tons of opportunities for wild game, which makes it the most popular hunting destination in all of Africa. You’ll have the chance to hunt in beautiful Zululand all the way down to Western Cape near the Atlantic, and everywhere in between. South Africa is known for its wide variety of antelope species, like wildebeests, kudus, impalas, and blesboks just to name a few.

If you’re looking for a plains game safari experience, they are fairly reasonably priced. However, if you were intending to go after the Big Five, then you should expect to pay a pretty penny. You should also know that the lions you’ll find are not wild but captive bred.

Africa is a must for any true lover of game hunting. If you were still on the fence about visiting the continent, you should definitely consider one of these destinations for a change of pace.

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