Planning to Visit Maui? Vacation Guide for Newcomers

For many people, Maui is the first and best choice for a tropical vacation. Whether you want to just relax on a beach or are going for your honeymoon, Maui is fantastic. There are gorgeous beaches and boredom is nothing you’ll have to worry about. The perks of choosing Hawaii for a vacation include clean beaches, great weather, and a thriving tourist community. But for those who have never been, it might be a little daunting. Here are 7 tips to help you navigate through this tropical paradise.

  1. Check the Weather

As you can expect, it doesn’t get particularly cold in Maui. However, it does get hot and you should plan accordingly. Pack the sunscreen appropriate for your skin, as well as breathable clothing. Typically, February is the coolest month with temperatures ranging in the mid-70s which can be perfect for those who don’t care for extreme heat.

  1. Plan Your Attractions

Just laying around in your villa or sunbathing doesn’t require much planning. But if you want to do more activities in Maui, like snorkeling or hiking, it’s best to look into booking them early. Planning early will allow you to avoid long lines and crowded beaches. One great activity to try is zip-lining over the lush canopies.

  1. Get the Right Plugs

In this day and age, it’s vital to have somewhere to charge your phone or laptop. You’ll want to capture the beautiful sites of Maui and maybe share them on social media. But without any juice in your phone, that might be hard. Hawaiian outlets are Type A (a standard two prong plug) and also a Type B (3 prongs). If you’re unsure, you can buy an international outlet converter.

  1. Moving Around

Renting a car is a great, quick fix to help you travel across the island. The minimum age requirement to rent a car is 21 and there’s an underage fee attached to your rental prices until age 25. If you can, book your car rental about the same time you book your flight or hotel as that might help you save money.

  1. Accommodations

Following your arrival, it’s likely you want to recharge before you get to exploring. Maui has a lot of accommodations in different styles and themes. For example, villas in Maui can offer a charming and private stay. Renting a villa also allow you to feel like you’re at home but give you all the pleasures of a hotel.

Getting through your Maui vacation can be a breeze with the proper planning before you pack your suitcase. Renting a car to get between your beach days and scenic hikes will help add some substance to your vacation. When you’re booking your travel dates, aim for quieter months like October and May, where the weather is still good but the tourist numbers are lower. Your Maui vacation can be as beautiful and relaxing as you want it to be. Visiting “The Valley Isle” can be exciting and with so much to do, a place you can return to time and again.

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