3 Ways Airports Can Track Incoming Weather

Considering that there are about 5000 planes in the sky at any given time over the US, it’s imperative that airports monitor and track weather occurrences as they develop. Rain, snow, ice, and lightning can all pose a significant threat to planes, so it’s vital to have a system in place to see what’s happening live. Thus, when it comes to airport safety against intense weather, most airports use the following methods:

#1 Storm Tracking Software

Technology has made a lot of advances over the past few years, which means that it’s easier than ever to monitor storm systems from a computer in the control tower. These programs collect data from a variety of sources, including stations on the ground, to provide a clear and comprehensive picture. Best of all, it can update in real-time so that the control tower can make decisions with a minimal margin of error.

#2 Automated Airport Weather Stations

As we mentioned, most airports have their own weather devices on the ground to check things like air pressure, temperature, and humidity. These stations then relay that data back to the control tower so that they can understand what’s going on outside. Usually, the information will be transmitted on a timer (i.e., every minute) so that updates are always coming in.

#3 Warning Systems

While most weather tracking software is ideal for storm fronts and major events, sometimes they can’t anticipate certain anomalies. Lightning is notoriously hard to predict, but fortunately, there is a way to minimize this problem.

By installing alarm systems on the ground, the airport crew can know when lightning is going to strike. Even though they may not be able to pinpoint its location, they can still plan accordingly.

Having all of this data at their fingertips allows airports to manage the level of risk that they take. Also, they usually have comprehensive plans in place to ensure that operations aren’t affected except by the worst of storms. Overall, having detailed methods of weather tracking keeps the airport working at optimum efficiency.

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