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Mobility Tips for Visiting San Francisco

Ah, beautiful San Francisco! As a city famed for its natural splendor and quirky culture, SF’s appeal is hard to deny. But with big hills and old little buildings, the city by the bay can be a tad daunting for travelers with mobility issues.

Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way! Follow these easy tips to make traveling easier, no matter your age or health needs.

Streetcars not Cable Cars

No image is quite as iconic as San Francisco’s famous cable cars, climbing up the hill like a mountain goat. Unfortunately, when these transit options were built almost 140 years ago, mobility concerns weren’t exactly top of mind. As such, wheelchairs and power chairs are not possible to take on to any of the three routes.

But worry not, there’s an even better options – the streetcar! San Francisco’s heritage streetcars ply lines that are almost as old as the cable cars, and perhaps have even better views! The “F” line runs down Market Street, SF’s main drag, before turning up the Embarcadero to run along the water, ending at Fisherman’s Wharf. Replete with historic train cars that have been modified to serve accessible stations with ramps, you’re truly in for a treat.

Lands End &Sutro Baths

SF’s built environment is beautiful, but the natural beauty of the region might be even more stunning. Unfortunately, many sights are hard to reach if you have mobility challenges. However, both the Lands End &Sutro Baths, located in the city’s northwest region, are accessible barrier-free. This means you can easily access a beautiful beach, see a great view, and explore a historic old building, whether you’re in a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Rent a Wheelchair or Power Chair

Traveling can always be a pain when you have to worry about taking a wheel chair or mobility scooter with you. Fortunately, a start up in SF (which is the land of startups, after all!) has thought of a great solution for you – rent it when you get there!

That’s right, Cloud of Goods will let you rent a mobility scooter, or many other accessibility devices, and take it right to your hotel. No more dealing with the airlines, or worrying about airport security. Travel easy with San Francisco power chair rental.

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