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5 Tips For Ordering Healthy Take Out Food in Vernon

We all want to eat healthy, but sometimes when you’re ordering out it can be tough. Even though you may think that there is no way you can get take out in Vernon and stick to your diet, you can find healthy take out food options in your area.

Since health is number one, but sometimes you just can’t make it to the kitchen for a meal, here are five tips we’ve put together to help you order healthy take out food and feel good about your choice. Read on to find out more!

5 Tips For Ordering Healthy Take Out Food

1. Order the healthiest thing you would still want to eat on every menu.

Every type of take out food has its healthy and not so healthy options. One good strategy is to swap out something you might typically order in the past for something that you know is healthy. Basing your choices on the health status of the food in question instead of blindly choosing whatever you want will help you keep your choices fresh and light.

For instance, for Mexican food, you can order a taco salad instead of a burrito. On a Chinese food menu, order steamed dumplings instead of fried. Order seaweed salad and miso soup instead of tempura-style sushi rolls at a Japanese place. If you’re ordering pizza, opt for a thin crust Margherita pizza instead of a meat lover’s. Finding and ordering the healthiest or one of the healthiest runner-up options is a helpful mentality to have.

2. Don’t forget that most drinks will be high in sugar or corn syrup.

While it can be tempting to grab a drink or two on the go with take out, not every place has that option. But when they do, frequently the options are soda or iced tea, or even bottled sugary juice drinks. Avoid the calorie and insulin dump and either grab a water to go or forgo the drink all together. For drive-throughs especially, the large portioned drinks full of corn syrup are never going to be healthy and most places don’t offer healthy beverages.

3. Order what you imagine a healthy celebrity would eat and post on Instagram.

Why not grab some inspiration from a celebrity you know? Whether it’s healthy waffles courtesy of Kylie Jenner or an enviable Instagram of some lettuce wraps by Katy Perry, sometimes it helps to visualize what choices someone you think is fit would make. It helps keep you strong but also inspires you to pick the healthiest option.

4. Make sure the dish focuses on fresh food and protein more than oil or simple carbs.
Ordering pasta for takeout in Vernon means a lot of butter or oil and simple carbs, as well as higher calories from a full entrée most likely. You can’t go wrong with some grilled chicken and veggies on the side – see how much lighter that order is? The fresher the foods in the dish, the healthier it will be. Just avoid ordering extra dressing for that salad – it’ll cancel out some of the healthiness for sure.

  1. Avoid anything fried or golden brown.

    Is it fried? Then kiss it goodbye! Eating healthy take out can be tough, but avoiding fried foods is easy. Just don’t ever order food that is fried golden brown, as it means your food is high in calories and low in nutrition.

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