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A Short Guide to Choosing the best Hotel

Many of us go away on holiday and expect to find a hotel which is perfect and with no flaws. However, the reality is that sometimes we’ll book ourselves into a place that just does not either suit us or for some other reason. Below are a few pointers which may help you and no matter whether you are a seasoned traveller or simply taking that short break, the below advice should assist you in choosing the right hotel accommodation.

Does the dining offer a varied spread of different foods?

How many times have we gone into a hotel and only found a few things on the menu? It really does matter what one needs in the food department and any hotel most certainly needs to be on top of this point. With families coming from all over the world, foods of many different types need to be available. Food can really be the testing factor of any hotel and if that is not at a good standard then people simply won’t return. Good hotels usually give a good spread and also give ones whole family the freedom of choice.

How well does the hotel take care of families?

This is an important one and most of us would agree that families usually pack hotels during the summer season. A good hotel needs to know that the family is one of its main business endeavours and of course allot of care is involved. With children in particular there should be a wealth of facilities catered for such and in any capacity. Why go to a hotel that doesn’t offer children amenities?

Are the rooms clean?

One of the biggest bugbears of any hotel would be an untidy room. This point is rare however I’m sure it happens. Hotels around really do keep this point on the ball nonetheless if you do encounter it, simply ask for another room straight away. This point really does show the care factor and hotels need to have the vested interest in keeping every inch of their organisations clean at all times. It’s even worse when you are in a foreign country and there is a mess to greet you!

Is the room service competent?

Often being in a different country one can feel a little out of the norm and one often does need the care and commitment from a hotel to look after them. If the room service is bad then not only does the hotel reputation go by the boards but people just won’t want to be there. Room service must be caring and able to cater for the large demands which are encumbered on them day in day out. Nobody likes an ill-mannered room service and a service not up to standards.

Does your chosen hotel have a good track record?

How often have we checked into a hotel only to find that the place is an absolute nightmare? It’s important to do your research before you start the booking process. Does the hotel have a website? Find reviews on the hotel in particular and make your own decision.

The points above are rare, however if you do encounter them then one is certainly less likely to return, which means reduced pleasure from your holiday. A good hotel is really worth looking into and one will do well in checking through all the points just outlined beforehand which will certainly make your stay much more pleasurable, comfortable and enjoyable.


10 Tips for Tourists Visiting Congo Gorillas

A face to face encounter with the rare mountain gorillas has become the most sought after adventure in Africa. Staring at the large primates in their natural habitat is the most humbling thing in life. Gorilla trekking occurs in an elevation of 2500 meters above seas level. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to take their time. The early morning briefing will start at 7:00am and at 8:00am you will hit on the jungles to search for your gorilla group. The Congo gorilla trek takes place in high mountain tropical forest where there is thick vegetation cover and heavy rains are experienced. This calls for interested trekkers to be physically prepared to hike through the jungles of Virunga National Park.


If you have heavy luggage, there is no need to stress the mind because there are porters to be hired and they will help you to carry your luggage as you enjoy your trek, take as many photos as possible without any inconvenience. Porters are around the briefing station. By hiring one, you would have impacted on the lives of these ex-poachers.

Physical Fitness

If you physically disabled or find any hardships in hiking, there are special solutions including hiring the special service of stretcher with porter. Everything is possible in the park and every trekker has hopes of achieving his or her dreams. The time that visitors spend in the forest is unpredictable and tracking can last from 3 hours to 8 hours which nearly an entire day.

What to carry on gorilla trekking

Most importantly, you will need to come with your passport, Inoculation certificate against yellow fever, money to cater for your personal expenses, strong waterproof hiking boots but they should be of light weight, long sleeved shirts/T-shirt, trousers, a camera with no flashlight, extra batteries, snacks, bottle of water, insect repellents, gardening gloves, sun glasses, hat among others.

What to wear on gorilla trek

You need long sleeved shirt/T-shirt and other clothing that environmentally friendly. The wear should be fitting and makes you to relax, and that can keep you warm incase of coldness. Most lodges around the park offers laundry services at a pocket friendly cost.

Gorilla permits

Gorilla permits are in high demand and this means that visitors have to book for their permits before the safari date that they wish to travel for the adventure. Payments can be done through your trusted tour operator or direct through park authorities. Gorilla permits in DR Congo are obtainable at $400 per visitor.

What to expect on gorilla trek

There are currently 8 gorilla families in DR Congo. There are only 8 permits that are always issued per day per family and time allowed for visitors to be with gorillas is strictly 1 hour. The trek occurs through the Bamboo covered by the Virunga Mountains in Virunga National Park. Whereas trackers are always sent to the forest to ascertain the location of gorilla groups, allowing them to weigh every family as simple, medium or hard, mountain gorillas like any wild creatures keeps moving throughout the course of the day. The trek begins at 7:00am at the parks headquarters and by 8:00am after the early morning briefing, you will set off to the jungles to look for your assigned gorilla family. Every trek begins with relatively flat hike from the trailhead car park to the bottom of the slopes and after, it may not easy to predict. Treks can go from 30 to 8 hours with guides who will be clearing way for you using the machetes. As you get closer to these apes, the guide will request you to leave the bags with the porters and only take your camera with you. At this time, you will have one hour with gorillas, explore their daily behavior but at a distance of 8 meters.

Acquiring a DR Congo visa

To apply for Congo visa, you will need original passport valid for about three months. There are two types of visas-the Congo tourist visa and business. You can choose the type that you need depending on the reason of your travel in the country. Those who wish to visit the park for gorilla adventures and hiking safaris, they can get visas through webpage. You will be required book your visa in advance and in order for you to apply for single entry visas, you will need about $105. The process goes for the 7 working days and then you get your scanned file of a fax copy from Kinshasa.

Best time to visit Virunga National Park

Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park is best in the dry season which starts in the month of June to September to February. At this time, the habitat for these species remains dry and hiking also becomes easier. The wet season starts in the months of March to April and October to November. Trekking gorillas during this season is hard because the terrains tend to be muddy.

Safety and security:

If you are planning for your safari to DRC it is important that you ascertain with the current security situation of the country before traveling to the country. The security in DRC isn’t stable particularly in places such Ituri, North and South Kivu, Haut Lomami, Kasai, Kasai central, Kasai oriental, Maniema and Tanganyika areas to the west and east of Kananga as well as Tshikapa and Mwene-Ditu (The Foreign and Common Wealth Office FCO. About cross border security in the DRC, the security divisions and Virunga national park authorities are available to safeguard and provide information regarding safety and insecure places and visitors are always advised to get updated information before taking a trip to the destination. Contact any nearest British Embassy or visit the official website of the Virunga National Park for further information.

In conclusion gorilla trekking is a breathtaking adventure that requires intending trekkers to be well prepared to hike through the jungles of Virunga National Park to view the magnificent primates in their wilderness. DR Congo is also blessed with the incredible Eastern Lowland gorillas on top of the critically endangered mountain gorillas.


5 Killer Camping Supplies List for Backpackers

When planning a camping expedition, it is important to understand that some basic items help you make it through an ordinary day and others you must use in case of extraordinary circumstances that catch you by surprise. In the parlance of camping aficionados, gather supplies for your personal camp kit. The personal camp kit should be considered the essential list of things that every camper needs.

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Step by Step Guide to Pitch a Tent in the Mountains

Setting up a tent is one of the first things many people do after selecting a campsite. The camping tent serves as a shelter for sleeping during the night and provides protection from unfavorable weather conditions and bothersome insects. The process of setting up a simple tent is easy, and tent assembly can be completed within minutes once the basic procedure is understood.

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How to Choose the Right Backpack

Backpack is one of the most important outdoor and camping equipment that you need to make a successful and smooth journey. Any outdoor camping trip cannot not happen without a backpack and good quality backpack provides smooth and pleasant trips across the world. Backpacks are designed to fit to each personality of travelers whether men or women. Though the purpose of carry backpack is simply enabling us to carry all necessary things that you need during your travels, it is not easy for one to travel from one place to another without the right backpack. And when you decide to buy your backpack, there are things you should know as well as the purpose you intend to use it for.

It is quite obvious that backpacks now are becoming the most important equipment that traveler and most especially outdoor enthusiasts like campers, hikers, backpackers must have. However, the factor to determine the type of backpack you would need is to consider from the objective. There are various types of backpack and they can be divided into four major categories which are, military backpacks, assault packs, full packs, day packs.

Therefore, the following detail will take you thought the basic guide of these types of backpack. You will get to know each of them about what they look like and short description of their usage. We are going to start to know assault pack. Assault pack typically known as mountain pack, which is suitable for camping and mountain climbing activities or any other recreation trip. The pack of assault type is probably biggest among pack of any other type of backpack as they are designed for carrying more stuff for long or mountain vacation. Also the packs come in two main types! They are internal frame and external frame. The purpose of these frames is to distribute weight evenly through the pack. The internal frame may have less capability of hold heavy stuff than the pack that has external frame.

The first type of backpack is day pack. Day pack means to some kind of pack that we use to contain stuff that will be used during the day. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be big and they are usually has low capacity. Day pack may not suitable for long trip that requires bigger and tougher backpack. However, you may use day pack with your long trip by us them as a personal bag to carry traveling stuff such as wallet, purse, air tickets, and all travel document. This is because when you travel, especially if you travel overseas, you should keep this kind of stuff handy.

The third type is military backpack. Military backpack is quite flexible and utilized because they are designed to be used in very hard and tough condition. However, you may find that military backpack may not have as large size as other type of travel backpack. Military backpack is also suitable for short trip and if you are willing to travel to remote rural area, military backpack maybe the one that you are looking for. The fabric used for military backpack is extremely hard and you cloud make sure that it will never easily tear.

From the detail described above then you can see that there’s practical value in learning more not only about backpack topic but for all other ones. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered in this article and as your knowledge about this topic may continues to grow, you will begin to see how it fits into the overall scheme of things.


Traveling With Teens? 6 Tips to Make Family Travel Easier

When it comes to family travel, almost nothing compares to the challenges of traveling with teens. Sure, traveling with infants is no easy task, but as the parent, you really can set the tone for the trip. But with teens – all that changes. It’s during these years that your kids may assert themselves more, sleep in and expect everyone to cater to their schedule – or worse yet, ask to stay at home instead of indulging their moms and dads with the long-awaited family vacation.

The good news is that all is not lost. You just have to find out what makes your son or daughter “tick” – and include them throughout the family travel planning process so you can create an itinerary that works for you, them and the rest of your brood. Some simple ways to do this include:

· Formulating a list of destinations together, then whittling it down to somewhere you can all agree on.

· Selecting a hotel that specializes in family travel. Many of these types of accommodations will feature amenities for everyone in your family, including pools, spas, tennis, outdoor activities, beaches and even special day camps for younger kids.

· Asking your teens what they’d like to get from their vacation – then challenging them to find events and attractions that meet their needs (and would be appropriate for everyone in your family).

· Once you’ve arrived, give them a taste of life beyond their teens by leaving your younger kids with your spouse or a babysitter and spending a night on the town. Go to a nice dinner, hit the theater or listen to some live music. This will help your teens see you through new eyes – and give them a glimpse at the experiences that lie ahead.

· Giving your teens a day to plan activities for the entire family – from where to eat breakfast to how to spend the evening. You’ll not only get to know your teens better, but doing all of the family travel planning for the day will give them a sense of responsibility.

· Cutting them some slack. You don’t want to put teens in the middle of a new city and let them fend for themselves, but giving them a little breathing room on your trip might be a good thing. Even if it’s only separating for a couple of hours at a museum or letting them catch a movie while you go to lunch with your spouse, it just might do you – and them – a world of good.

For those of you with just one child… a teen… it may behoove you to allow him or her to bring a friend along. Although this extra person will certainly add a twist to your usual family dynamic, it may well prove to be a fun, positive thing for you and them.

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All About Fast Food Restaurants in Vernon

A fast food restaurant can be regarded as a restaurant that offers quick service. They belong to a specific category of restaurant and are popular for fast food and minimal table service. The food served in these restaurants is usually offered from a limited menu and is mostly cooked and prepared in advance. And when an order is placed, it is ready to be served. If the food is to be eaten outside the restaurant, then it will have to be packaged.

The fast food restaurants are generally located in cities and towns, leisure parks, and other easy to access locations. A number of these types of restaurants offer a drive through facility. This facility allows the customers to place an order and then pick it up at the customer service bay without requiring them to leave their vehicle.

Some fast food restaurants have dining areas where food can be ordered and eaten on the spot, while some will receive orders by phone and deliver the food to the designated address. Most pizza restaurants offer this service at no additional cost to the customer, but a minimum order has to be placed.

Fast food in Vernon is quick, easy and mostly inexpensive. You can buy fast food in Vernon just about anywhere. The most common places people visit to buy fast food items are vending machines, 24-hour convenience shops, and drive through facilities. You can choose your location depending on your personal needs and preferences.

Fast food is usually considered cheaper because it is prepared with cheaper ingredients like added sugar, refined grains and high-fat meat. Most of the fast food items contain a high amount of sodium, as well, which can elevate the risk of high blood pressure. Sodium can also lead to accumulation of fluids in case of people with kidney disease or congestive heart failure.

With that said, finding the right place to eat is very important and there are some things you need to consider before you pick your spot. When choosing a fast food restaurant, one of the most important things you will need to consider is whether or not the restaurant adheres to your desired standards of cleanliness and health. This is important, because if you choose a facility that does not undertake recommended hygienic practices, you are putting your health at risk, which is not a wise move at all. And if you choose a restaurant that serves food with little or no nutrition, this might put your health at risk, as well. So make sure to take your time in choosing where to eat.

Make sure to choose a facility that offers a wide variety of fast food items. This will help you to buy all of your food items in one place, thereby enabling you to get discounts. Make sure to visit the website of the restaurant before you actually go there and eat. Many restaurants provide all details about their menu items on the website, so you can determine if a particular restaurant is the right choice for you. Thus, you should act upon these considerations and aspects if you are trying to locate a great fast food restaurant in Vernon.


Eco-friendly Travel Strategy Advice

The Green Journey Plan ought to deliver financial, practical and simple to manage steps both right now and later on. The most of individuals that always require the green journey plan tend to be commercial designers and companies. A strategy should usually be:

financial to put into action ‘day one’
economical for long term management
consist of practical, well considered measures which work
What is the distinction between Eco-friendly and Place of work travel programs?

A Eco-friendly Travel Strategy (additionally typically referred to as a Place of work Travel Strategy) is definitely an obligation enforced by nearby authorities with the planning procedure typically by means of panning condition mounted on a preparing consent or with a S. 106 contract. It can also be introduced like a requirement throughout the application procedure.

In add-on a Journey Plan is usually a requirement of the BREEAM evaluation process.

The Eco-friendly Travel Strategy sets away a collection of measures and measures meant to promote go the website by environmentally friendly transport methods for example bicycle, bus or even train instead of private vehicle.

So I’ve a Eco-friendly Travel Strategy, what happens basically don’t abide by it?

Most nearby authorities will need occupiers in order to monitor the potency of the intend to ensure measures are now being implemented as well as targets occur the plan are now being met. The aim ought to be to demonstrate continuing improvement.

Some nearby authorities are in possession of sustainable journey officers in whose sole duty would be to promote environmentally friendly travel and also to monitor plans to make sure compliance.

Ultimately the neighborhood authority comes with the capacity to take Enforcement motion against you if you’re not applying and checking your strategy. The council has got the power in order to issue of the breach associated with condition discover to need you to comply using the requirements that could ultimately result in prosecution as well as fine should you still neglect to comply.

Exactly what Actions as well as Measures perform the programs typically consist of?

They are occasionally produced to incorporate high price and complex measures for example staff showers, open public transport info and ticketing techniques, subsidised open public transport, period parking as well as staff mortgage schemes. Whilst you need to be mindful from the commercial necessity to acquire a consent, more less complicated and economical measures should be thought about as nicely, such because; free access to the internet to journey guides; web site links in order to local journey information; vehicle sharing strategies and upon site roadmaps of coach and teach stations.

A plan ought to be produced in order to minimise the price to the actual clients associated with delivering their own plan although balancing this from the local preparing policy needs and requirement for a consent on time.

What may my Eco-friendly Travel Strategy cost?

Every plan differs in line with the local plan requirements, the website constraints and also the commercial demands. Each ought to ideally end up being produced on the site particular basis. You should appreciate that the well regarded as and created plan allied in order to skilled experts negotiating terms using the local authority could save you more cash than you’ll ever invest in preparing this. Conversely, one badly written can cost you money ‘day one’ and for several years to come while you continue to invest money as well as management period on pricey and unwieldy steps.

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Getting a Visa to Burma from Bangkok

Getting a visa to Burma in Bangkok is not as hard as you think as long as you prepare all the requirements you need beforehand. So while you’re in Bangkok, getting to Burma is possible. The requirements that you will need is your passport, a copy of your passport, and 2 colored passport photos. If you want to pick your visa on the same day of your application you also need to provide a copy of your flight itinerary, but if not it won’t be necessary.

Prices of the Myanmar Visa are 810 baht if you choose to pick it up after two days, 1035 baht for the day after your application, and 1260 baht for same day pickup. You can pickup your visa between 3:30 and 4:30pm on your specified day of pickup.

To avoid the queue in the Myanmar embassy, you better go there at around 8am as they opened at 9am.

But if you can’t make it is also good to be there later in the day to avoid the early rush. If you’re not sure about the location of the embassy, you can search for it in Google maps. Just search for Myanmar embassy Bangkok Thailand and it will show you the correct location but the address that was shown is incorrect. To easily get there, I suggest just take the Skytrain to either the Surasak BTS Station or Chong Nonsi. If ever you will get lost its very easy ask the locals anyway, they all know where it is.


Jet Lag – How to Deal With It

Reduce the time difference

The symptoms of jet lag can have a lasting and harmful effects of your holiday, and increase in long-distance flights means that far too many passengers were affected.

Operation of the body, the 24-hour time difference and the cycle occurs when the body does not synchronize the rhythm of your destination. In too many time zones you can cross-strait deterioration. Eastbound indeed have more impact than the time difference between the western line – the human body can easily add some of the biological rhythm of overtime a day, while traveling in the western region, rather than reduce the number of hours of the days when traveling east.

The time difference might lead to any or all of the following symptoms:

* Drowsiness and fatigue insomnia * * * Lost swollen hands and feet headache digestive tract * * * * anxiety or stress the lack of focus * * nausea and loss of appetite and dehydration.

To speed up your body to adjust itself to your new time zone, the rhythm of the body to adjust to sunlight, the dark, eating and sleeping in the new time zone, the impact on the length of time that will meet the time difference. People tend to believe that the need to restore a day for each time zone across – this is good news for passengers for a week-long holiday or business travelers on a 3-day meeting half-way around the world!

So, what can be done to minimize the effects of jet lag? The following suggestions to help you avoid the worst of the time difference and adjust your body clock very soon, probably at the same time.

  1. Drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine, and so on. Water is the highest, but if you find difficult to drink plenty of water or simply boredom, fruit juice and herbal tea how to do.
  2. If you in the morning due to land in your destination, try to sleep during the flight. Sleep in the air inside the crowded situation is not easy, but try to deal with and are comfortable shoes. An eye and ear plugs and the engine room to help prevent distraction and to blow up the rest of the neck to add to your comfort. Even if you can not sleep the entire flight, just rest as much as possible, close your eyes and try to ’switch’.
  3. If you are due to land at night, trying to keep a clear, the whole flight. Reading books, listening to music, but try to resist the sum of sleep, and it would mean that you will be unable to sleep, time and destination of your body time to adjust the clock.
  4. Set your eyes to the destination time soon, and you on the plane and try to direct away from life. Try to eat at the right time to their destinations, rather than the starting time.
  5. Sum to reduce the impact of time zone changes gradually adjust their routine of an hour or a few days before their travel. Through an hour ago or a few days later stay up all night before, in accordance with its destination.
  6. If of the day you arrive, avoid the temptation to sleep outside with the sun – sunlight, or any, is a major factor inside reset your internal clock. If you have been exhausted, sleep restricted to 1 hour nap – Set your alarm clock or phone.
  7. If wake of Africa arrived in the evening you do not feel trapped, try a warm bath and a glass of warm milk – a natural sleep inducing.
  8. 8.Resist urged the party all night on the first day, and his wife have two great nights sleep. This should help you adjust your body clock to the destination time and make too much of a good time.