Beaches in the Philippines

There are many great beaches here in the Philippines. The most famous of course is Boracay. Then there is El Nido and Dos Palmas in Palawan and other resorts that you pay more for the ambiance and services rather than the opportunity to swim in their manicured beachscape. Expensive. International rates. Not for the backpacker who just wants a good swim and a feel of the local community’s lifestyle.

You will find the entrance at the mouth of a cave in a beautiful lagoon about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. From here the river winds through formations of stalactites and stalagmites and several large chambers before flowing directly into the South China Sea. The Hundred Islands National Park is composed of 123 islands (124 at low tide) and covers an area of 1,844 hectares. The islands lie at the south west corner of the Lingayan Gulf, just off Alaminos City in the province of Pangasinan. Over the years the islands have inspired countless legends — some tell of mermaids that once mystified fishermen; others tell of a primeval giant who lost his lady love.

Engage in Mountain Climbing and Nature Trekking, The Philippines with its large forests, pristine wilderness, and rugged mountains, is an ideal spot for mountain climbing and nature trekking. On Luzon the Sierra Madre mountains form the longest range of the Philippines, extending along the island’s eastern coast for 210 miles. The Cordillera Central Ranges to the west contain Luzon’s highest peak, Mount Pulog, 9,613 feet. And of course, don’t forget the volcanoes. There are 37 volcanoes in the Philippines, of which 18 are still active. Many of these, like Mt. Pinatubo, have become popular trekking sites.

In 1991 the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo was the most destructive volcanic event of the 20th century. Today, surrounded by a vast expanse of lahar-filled valleys and boulders the size of cars, Mount Pinatubo offers a breathtaking view of a hidden lake inside its crater — an enchanting reward for intrepid explorers and trekkers. Taal Volcano is the smallest active volcano in the world. You will find it about 70km south of Manila on “volcano island” inside a lake called Taal Lake. This is a popular trekking destination and, compared with other mountains, the climb is relatively easy. The view from the top is awe-inspiring.

Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines, having erupted over 47 times in the past 400 years. It is also considered to be the world’s most perfectly formed volcano for its symmetrical cone. It reaches 2,460 meters and is the central feature of the Albay Province, about 300km southeast of Manila. Climbing Mayon is possible but can be dangerous. Some organized treks are planned over a 4-day schedule. The best time for mountaineering in the Philippines is either during the summer months from March to June, or during the monsoon season from November to February. It is best to avoid mountaineering activities during the wet season when strong typhoons buffet the provinces.

Feast on Filipino mouth-watering delicacies. In the Philippines you cannot escape the temptations of food; you are literally surrounded by it. Take a stroll down a beach and the chances are you will find vendors selling everything from barbecue sticks to balut — boiled, unhatched chicken or duck eggs. When it comes to food the Philippines has it all — a fabulous mix of foreign cuisine plus its own mouth-watering delicacies. Well, there you have it — more reasons to visit the Philippines. But of course there are more reasons than I have listed here. For example, festivals that bring out the culture of the people, historic churches that date back to the Spanish era, the exciting night life of Manila, Angeles City, and Cebu, or play golf on courses designed by some of the best golf celebrities in the world, and more … come and enjoy! Enjoy the Beaches In The Philippines.


3 Must See Things in Belgrade

Belgrade is a budget travelers dream, and the three attractions below are free to explore (Ethnographic Museum is free on Sundays) and give some valuable information about the city’s amazing history. Because the Great War Island was closed for the season, we didn’t get to visit it this trip; however, our WWOOF host explained how awesome and fun the island is in the summer.

When we arrive in a new city, especially a capital city like Belgrade, we always try to pay a visit the country’s heritage museum. During our visit, we will peruse the permanent collections and exhibitions so that we can get a better understanding of the history and culture of the land we are visiting.

Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade is the place to go if you need to brush up on your Serbian history. The museum is free on Sundays and contains both permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions. The permanent collection features traditional costumes and focuses on the country’s evolving lifestyle and working changes.

Great War Island

Every summer, Belgrade sets up a bridge between The Great War Island and one of its municipalities, Zemun, so that its citizens as well as tourists can enjoy the island, which features a nature preserve and fish spawning area. Additionally, the island also has a beach, Lido, which is a popular hangout for summer swimming and sunbathing.

The Great War Island has played an important role in Belgrade’s history, in part because of its strategic location, which led to be used in the conquest or defense of Belgrade. Currently, historians consider the confluence to be the true hear to Belgrade because the site is one of the first Neolithic settlements in Europe.

Belgrade Fort and Kalemegdan Park

Overlooking the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, the Belgrade Fortress is the oldest section of Belgrade’s urban area. For centuries, Belgrade’s population was concentrated within the thick, grey fortress walls. Some of the world’s greatest empires, including the Roman and Ottoman, conquered, occupied and defended the fortress. The fort endured nearly two millennia of continuous sieges before being declared a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1979.

The fort and expansive park grounds are free to explore and offer up great panoramas, winding paths and shaded spots with benches. One of my favorite locations inside the fort is the Chapel of Saint Petka near the Rose Church. The chapel was built on top of a spring believed to be miraculous, especially for women. You can drink a cup for free or pay 30 dinar (50 cents) for a bottle.

Additionally, the fortress and park contains an observatory, planetarium, tennis, basketball courts, the city Zoo, Military Museum, and Museum of forestry and hunting.


The 5 Best Beaches in San Diego

San Diego is offered up as a great destination for people looking to take a vacation on the beach. Here are some recommendations on San Diego beaches from a local.

San Diego Beaches

When people think of San Diego, they inevitably imagine year around sun and beautiful beaches. Ironically, the worst time to visit San Diego is from the middle of May through the middle of June. During this time period, the coast is socked with low clouds and the sun breaks through for no more than a couple of hours a day. In fact, we call the annual process by the name of June Gloom.

Assuming you come at a different time, the beaches of San Diego offer up plenty of variety and beauty. There are literally hundreds of beaches you can visit, but a select few are worth a mention.

If you are looking for the beach with college kids and a party scene, Pacific Beach is the place to be. The beach is wide, wild and packed. A sidewalk runs the length of the beach to the south and is a great place to people watch. If you prefer an alcoholic beverage with your people watching, the outdoors deck at Lahainas is the place to be. The suds flow all day, but make sure to get there early as the deck is small.

For a more relaxed experience, the beaches of Del Mar offer a choice spot. The beaches are designated by the numbered streets that intersect them. If you are looking to surf, 9th street is the place to be if you are willing to walk down the cliff. If you just want to loaf, play a little volleyball and so on, anywhere from 19th to 25th street should do the trick. Del Mar is a particularly good place to be during the fourth of July since the racetrack on the back side of the beach puts on a fireworks show. Keep in mind there will be tons of people.

If you prefer to have most of the beach to yourself, you need to look to the beaches backed by cliffs. People are lazy, so they tend not to congregate in these area since you have to hoof it up and down the paths to get to the beach. Stone Steps in Encinitas is a personal favorite. The beach is used sparsely, which makes it a good place to swim and just loaf.

The honest truth is you really cannot go wrong with San Diego beaches as long as you avoid June gloom. If you decide to visit, give me a wave. I’m the tan guy!


5 Must See Things in Tampa Bay

If you’re headed on your way to Tampa Bay, you’re in for a treat. From the unique architecture of the historic Tampa Bay Hotel to the beautiful gulf coast sunsets, this tropical Florida city has all manner of attractions, activities and events. A Tampa family vacation is the perfect way to spend your valuable vacation time.

Tropical plants fill the local area with rich colors and floral scents. Glittering canals and intercoastal waterways can be found all along the coast, the perfect way to spend a day seeing the local wildlife, including dolphins and  manatees.

Florida is one of the world’s top destination spots, and Tampa Bay personifies that tradition, making it an ideal vacation destination. Places to see in Tampa Bay include theme parks such as Busch Gardens (where you can find the famous Sheikra Roller Coaster), the national award-winning Lowry Park Zoo, some of the country’s top beaches, and professional sports teams such as the Tampa Rays baseball team all add to the number of things to see and do.

If you’re seeking something more culture or arts related you can catch a presentation at Ruth Eckerd Hall, which showcases everything from dramatic productions to operas to musicals to concerts and even Cirque de Olay.

Tampa is also recognized for its large variety of multinational restaurants, where you can enjoy everything from seafood to steaks in addition to a variety of culturally based eateries such as Ethiopian. Tampa’s nightlife is equally diverse, with plenty of dance clubs and martini bars where you can mix and mingle and dance the night away.

If golf is your thing, you need look no further. There are dozens of golf courses in Tampa, some of them world famous and the site of PGA tournaments. Or maybe the water calls to you. From boating down a peaceful river to deep sea fishing in the Gulf, to just enjoying the sun on the beach, Tampa has anything you could be looking for.

What about a cruise trip? Just jump on a cruise ship departing from the Port of Tampa. It’s an easy and enjoyable trip to exotic destinations such as Cozumel, Key West and the Caymans. So start putting together your own Tampa vacation package. You’ll find that no other Florida destination comes close to offering the satisfaction Tampa Bay’s natural beauty and man-made attractions.

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Visit the Siam Square in Bangkok

Founded in 1965, the Siam Square is the most famous shopping center in Thailand, like Shinjuku District in Japan, Ximending District of Taiwan province, gathering a lot of international chain stores and schools, bookstores, as well as bars, attracting lots of young people in Bangkok.

In the center of the Siam square stands a performance stage, with a variety of performances and small concerts. It becomes a fashionable gathering place for students and fashionistas.The most famous shopping malls include MBK shopping center which provides customers with a substantial discount, Siam Paragon shopping district which operates high-end luxury goods, fashionable Banglamphoo shopping district as well as the Panthip Electronic Plaza which sells electronic products.
Initially there were only some usual tenants in the Siam Square, later a large number of brand coming to Siam Square, which began a peripheral expansion. The Thailand film love of Siam is taken in the Siam Square in in 2007.

At the first glance of the Siam Square, a lot of people may consider themselves in Taipei City or the Harajuku street. If there are several cities for you to choose for work , I believe most people should have select Milan, Paris as well as New York. Maybe Bangkok is the last city for people to choose. In fact, Bangkoks fashion vitality are better than other cities for many years. The Siam Square is gathered with all of Bangkoks tidal current.

The Siam Square is a gathering place for young Thai designers and independent brands. Many of these characteristic shops display a large number of creative clothing, fashionable baubles with low price and high quality. Therefore, more and more young Thai people like to go around Bangkok. Foreign tourists preferred sauntering and purchasing here with a feeling of fashionable ideas of young Thai generation.

Attractions Destinations

Explore the Amazing Penghu Islands

Located on the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and China, Penghu Islands, called Pescadores Islands, means the islands of fishermen in Portuguese, with regarded as the pearls scattered in the sea by fairies.

The Penghu Islands are made up of 64 isles, with about 92,253 people living on 20 different isles. Paisha is famous for folktales and seaweed. The classical sculpture and paintings of Hsiaomen Island created a masterpiece of an artist, making people all around the world fascinated with it. The unique natural environment of Wangan Island attracts not only tourists but green turtles to lay their eggs.

Makung City is the largest in Penghu Islands, known as the goddess of sea by locals. Fifty-four thousand people live here. The main sightseeing spots contain ancestors temples and the longest coastline among all the towns of Penghu Islands.

The special plants growing vastly in Penghu Islands are cactus, which were originated in Mexico and West India. There are six different kinds of cactus in Penghu Islands. Cactus fruits are collected when ripe to make cactus ice creams to earn a living for decades.

The Penghu archipelago owns a superior geographical position, with the East separated from the Penghu channel, opposite the island of Taiwan Islands. The islands are very different in climate from the island of Taiwan, with an annual average temperature of 27.7 .

The Penghu Islands are also rich in marine resources, with nearly 300 kinds of migration and benthic fish, as well as lobsters, shellfish, coral reefs, algae, etc.


The Famous Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

In the main Himalayas, the state of Himachal Pradesh is not only popular for its icy mountains, experience activities and heavy falls, but also well-known for many lakes that dot valleys across its areas. There are over a number of well-known lakes, which protect 1% of the place of the condition. Fed by snowfall reducing sources and floor the water rises, many of these are organised pious by Hindus. Enthusiasts have designed luxurious temples on the outside of the lakes, which are frequented by a large number of pilgrims every season.

Some of these are organic bequests that have persisted for an incredible number of decades while there are also a few man made lakes. Renuka, the biggest organic lake in Himachal Pradesh in Sirmour region is formed like a postioned woman- the lake is an embodiment of Goddess Renuka. Held sacred by all Hindus for the tale of Renuka’s son associated with it, the river has two temples devoted to the mother-son duo. Among mid elevation lakes in Himachal Pradesh, the most well-known are the Dal Lake Dharamshala, Rewalsar ,and Khajjar Lake.

There are many thin air lakes as well, such as Prashar, Nako, Chandratal , SurajTal Lake, Kumarwah Lek, Manumahesh Lake, and others. Manmade lakes consist of Pong Dam (Maharana Pratap Lake, Gobind Sagar and Pandoh Lake). These lakes are well-known vacationer areas in Himachal Pradesh. Lakes that have spiritual significance are frequented by devotees, who come here to take a dip in their sacred rich waters. Others provide guests a probability to seafood and vessel.

Surrounded by dense jungles, these ponds existing spectacular opinions, which are seemed by guests with dumbstruck look. Among the thin air ponds many of them function a little field of the water, which stay icebound throughout the winter seasons.


The Beaches of Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is one of the most popular destinations for travelers who come to know Costa Rica , which is that it is like Manuel Antonio to the coast peaceful, Puerto Viejo and the beaches are a natural paradise, this time on the Caribbean shore of the country.

Near Puerto Viejo is really a extensive and kilometer coastal area from the very town of P ort Viejo to Manzanillo , where one area starts even wildest beaches and wild nature. The just under 15 miles between the two populations are themselves the reason to bring-is there.

Starting with Puerto Viejo , note that it is the resort of the area and therefore is full of bars, hotels and restaurants . It is a very frequented by backpackers and surfers place enjoys rockin overnight. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a place lively and crowded.

Later is Playa Cocles , ideal for practitioners surf because it has big waves almost daily you get started in this water sport. Similarly, there are areas where the difficulty of the waves make the beach also an ideal place for the more experienced. Being so close to Puerto Viejo, is also a party destination and in which there are also all kinds of services.

Following this direction, we find Playa Chiquita, an area sheltered from strong currents and which enjoy the typical postcard Caribbean beach. The coconut palms and turquoise sea come in an extremely beautiful and paradise combination. This is an area with some hotels and scattered in the distance, on the main road, so it is a very quiet and ideal for those who want to unwind shelters.

The next beach is Playa Punta Uva , but large heavy waves of Cocles. This is one of the most beautiful of the entire journey as it combines the best of all of the above: large enough to feel alone, and sufficiently protected from the sea so that the waters are calm. It is a very quiet and with little accommodation instead. The restaurants are scarce so you have to buy food at a supermarket in the road if you want to spend the day here.

Finally, before reaching Manzanillo , Playa Grande is , a vast white sand beach and turquoise waters and is a little more brave but does not reach the point of Playa Cocles. Its vastness make it a perfect beach for those who want to forget the world and find a place to be alone.

Manzanillo is a much smaller town than Puerto Viejo and unlike it, mostly concentrated in the national tourism weekends visiting the area. Therefore, the experience is much more native . However, does not have much tourist infrastructure beyond some good and cheap restaurants and a small pension.

However, the area is ideal to discover for a few days and able to decide for yourself which of their favorite beaches. Moreover, doing so is easy: first, there is obviously the possibility of walking through the beaches that separate the miles between them and on the other hand, there is a bus that continually unites Puerto Viejo with Manzanillo stopping at every beach (Manzanillo Limon-bus route).

Whichever option that you choose to discover Puerto Viejo, do not even think to forget the sunscreen, bathing suit and towel. sure you’ll love it. 


5 Attractions Not to Miss in Delhi India

Delhi has exclusively acknowledged a number of empires die and rise in its soil for several decades. There are several places of attractions in Delhi comprising cenotaphs, monuments, and mausoleums of queens and kings bordered in the city still acknowledge the bloody heritage of the place. You will also be surprised to experience the sky-high palaces and forts portraying the dignity of yore as you take outing of these amazing attractions in Delhi. You can book vying Jet Airways flight ticket and move to Delhi to adore several beautiful attractions. In Delhi, there are plenty attractions to visit which captures traveler’s soul for their grandeur. Few of the popular Delhi attractions for tourist which you should acknowledge are –

Qutab Minar

Domineering the foundation of the earliest prevailing establishment of Delhi is the city’s popular notable sight- the beautiful Qutab Minar. The commanding tower of victory is certainly one of the most beloved tourist attractions to visit in Delhi exclusively measuring in height around 72-74 meter. It was constructed around 1192-98 by QutbuddinAibak, the creator of the Slave Dynasty. The fluted, tapering architecture has around five storeys, each striked by intricately constructed balconies or projections. Thoroughly built pillars-which arrives from Hindu house of worship of the previous set-dement of Qila Rai Pithora adorn the lawn area of a mosque nearby. At the middle point of the lawn, the yard is the exceptional Iron Pillar-the flag pole (dhvajastambha) of a Vishnu Shrine around the time of 4th-5th century AD. The 7.3 meter QutubMinar has eventually not rusted through the decades. Other unique architectures in die vicinity involve die foundation of the Alai Minar: another unadorned tower.

The Red Fort Archaeological Museum

Stationed in the Mumtaz Mahal of the Red Fort, The Red Fort Archaeological Museum proclaims a bare selection of amazing Mughal artifacts. A segment of this beautiful museum is devoted to Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and displays the personal assets of the respective Emperor. Embellished with pearls, the silk robes and the silver hookah utilized by the emperor himself are the prime interests of the museum. The beautiful museum remains closed on Fridays and is exclusively open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Red Fort

The imposing Lal Qila or Red Fort is constructed in the red sandstone. This place is amongst the best Delhi attractions. It is surely yet another establishment by the King Shah Jahan after one of the Seven Wonders of the world, Taj Mahal which will be commemorated by the people endlessly. It is a segment of the restricted space of Shahjahanabad in Old Delhi. Inside its fortress are ethereal palaces, a finely curvaceous mosque, the Pearl Mosque or Moti Masjid, hall of the public audience or the Diwan-i-Am and the amazingly decorated space of personal gatherings or Diwan-i-Khas, where the emperors of Mughal arena held meeting in the court seated on the bejewelled golden Throne of Peacock. Not only has this enhanced the number of travellers visiting the gorgeous fort, it has eventually made the travellers and authority more alert in preserving this amazing wealth of past.  The beautiful small holes on the Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas walls explore the vacancy of the stones and jewels that were utilized to adorn the exterior. Presently, Lal Qila has been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The India Gate

At the soul of the exquisite city of capital, is the India Gate, planted out by the British – surely one of the most visit attractions of Delhi for both foreigners and locals. This classic 40-44 meter structure in buff-colored sandstone exclusively stands at the edge of the solemn avenue, the Rajpath. The base stone of this amazing space was exclusively laid in 1921 by the Duke of Connaught, Royal Highness and was crafted by Edwin Lutyens.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Jet Airways flight ticket at economical rates and relish these beautiful attractions!

Attractions Things to Do

Top 7 Things to See And Do In Kenya

Kenya is more and more popular with foreign tourists – not surprisingly, if we look what the country has to offer. What are the top seven things to see and do in Kenya?

1. Going on a safari

Kenya maintains a well-managed system of national parks, who are among the finest of Africa. This has made Kenya the top safari destination in the world. Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park are the most popular wildlife resorts, and they draw in the tourist high seasons (July-August and December-January). However, there are plenty of hidden gems for safaris left.

My favorites are the impressive Mount Elgon National Park – the area around Africa’s third-biggest mountain – and the small but beautiful Saiwa Swamp National Park. Both attract few visitors but are of a breathtaking beauty and tranquility.

2. Visit the Swahili coast region

Within Kenya, the coastal region stands apart. Arabs have frequented this part along the Indian Ocean since the 9th century, and this has led to the rise of the famous Swahili culture – the vibrant mix of African, Arab and Indian cultures. Many people are Muslim here, although of a liberal type.

If you have the chance, watch a Taarab performance, seductive African-Arab-Indian music played at weddings and other festivities. And of course, Kenya has 500 kilometers of white sand beaches with excellent and affordable beach resorts, where you can dine and sip Martinis right at your private beach.

3. Visit a tribal village

Especially the Masai, Samburu and Turkana peoples still live a traditional, tribal lifestyle. It’s possible to visit their villages and do a tea drinking ceremony or watch traditional dances. However, ask a travel guide to direct you to a good opportunity, as too much of tourist visits turn into demoralizing high-pressure sales events.

4. Experience the Wildebeest Migration

Perhaps the best of all Kenya travel tips. Each year in September-October, between half to one million Wildebeest suddenly gather on the Serengeti plains in Tanzania, after which they trek in a big circle through the south of Kenya and back again. It’s one of the biggest wildlife shows on earth. Some lodges are strategically placed so you’ll be right in the middle of it.

5. Take a balloon trip

Short hot air balloon trips over one of the major wildlife resorts – especially Masai Mara – have become increasingly popular. They typically leave very early in the morning so you’ll spend the first hours after sunrise gliding over the Kenyan plains, which is the best time for animal watching. There’s breakfast with champagne after landing. Priced around $400, they aren’t cheap, however.

6. Visit Nairobi

Who’s afraid of big bad Nairobi? It doesn’t have the best reputation, but actually I like Nairobi, and if you take some common sense precautions, nothing unpleasant is likely to happen to you. Nairobi is a really cosmopolitan place, where Africans and whites of all nationalities gather.

My favorite places include Simmers, for a late breakfast with good coffee and newspapers, and the New Florida nightclub (nicknamed “Madhouse”), which indeed is a pretty crazy place in the early hours… And just outside Nairobi is the huge Nairobi National Park, making Nairobi one of the few world capitals where you can be in the middle of the wild bush with a 30-minute taxi ride from the city center.

7. Go diving in the Indian Ocean

Kenya has great possibilities for diving and snorkeling, even by professional standards. The reefs at Watamu National Park along the coast are in an excellent condition. There are many of very exotic fish, in every color and shape conceivable. Fishers are totally banned from the waters, so you’ll not be disturbed. Even harmless whale sharks visit the waters regularly, a highlight for any diver.

With this list of Kenya travel tips, I still haven’t mentioned trekking the permanently iced Mount Kenya, the huge pink flamingo population of Lake Nakuru, the coastal city of Mombasa with it’s ancient fortress, the paradise island of Lamu, the dhow races, and much more.