Packing Strategies That Travellers Should Know

Packing is the most daunting part of travelling.  It is just too easy for us to forget to include an essential item in our baggage.  By that time, we have no choice but to go to a nearby store in a foreign land who does not speak our language.  On the other hand, packing too much will make you disorganised.  You will end up burdened with a heavy bag that comes with a costly baggage fees.

4 Packing Strategies That Can Change Your Life

Here are some of the essential packing tips that the traveller should know.

  1. Rolling vs. Folding

You might be wondering how backpackers and travel experts can stuff their month-long clothing in a bag that is about the size of a wine box.  This is because most of them will roll their clothes rather than fold it.  According to the experts, the clothes that are tightly rolled will take a limited space compared to the folded clothes.  In addition, the probability of developing wrinkles from the creases would be significantly low.

  1. Create a List

When you are packing for your vacation, you need to start packing weeks or days before your date of departure.  This way, you will have enough time to create a comprehensive list.  By creating a list, you can make sure that you will never forget the important stuff that you need during your vacation.

  1. The Airline’s Policy

Before you start with your packing, you should try to visit the official site of the airline company and learn about their policy.  For instance, you can learn about their baggage-fee policy to avoid incurring additional expenses.  There are airlines that will allow the traveller to check a single bag during their international flights to Europe and there are others who will charge a considerable amount of money for bags that are checked on domestic flights.  Reading about their policy should be done before you even decided to book a flight with the airline company.

In addition, you might want to be aware about the rules of the agency.  In case you are packing a full-size deodorant or shampoo bottle, there is a possibility that it will just be confiscated.  This may sound simple, but in reality, it can be complicated.  There are foods that they consider as gel which are not allowed in the carry-on baggage.

  1. Your Essential Item Should Not Be in Your Checked Baggage

Your valuable items should be kept in your carry-on luggage.  Electronics, jewellery, credit cards, money, identification card and passport should never be packed in your checked baggage.  Perhaps, you no longer need to know why you need to keep it in your carry-on luggage.  But in cases where the airline company lost your luggage, you will definitely regret putting your expensive jewellery in your checked baggage.

The increasing cost of baggage and the strict airline policy are starting to become a problem to many travellers.  But by learning how to efficiently pack your items, you will not only keep your load light, but you will also avoid the costly baggage fees.

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