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Complete Guide to Visiting Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the most popular of all Uganda’s
national Parks. Located in southwestern Uganda, this UNESCO world
heritage site features among the most splendid protected areas in East
African Region. It lies at the border area between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
just along the Albertine rift valley. It covers an area of about 331
square kilometers comprising of mainly the montane and lowland forests.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park lies between
altitude 1160 and 2607 meters and it was gazetted mainly to offer
refuge to most of its incredible wildlife species. This park is one of
the most biodiverse areas in Africa. It offers refuge to about 120
mammal species, 350 bird species, 27 frogs, 220 butterflies, 1000
flowering plant species plus more than 163 tree species as well as 104
ferns. As you head to the northern sector, you will find numerous Guinea Congolian flora that include 2 endangered species, brown mahogany and brazzeia longipedicellata.

The weather and climate of Bwindi National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park receives rainfall amount of around
1500mm and given the kind of habitat, this park features as a
significant rainfall catchment area. This UNESCO World Heritage Site
also experiences two wet seasons and two dry seasons with a wet season
starting from March to May and from October to November then the dry
season begins from June to September and December to February.

The people

Like any protected area, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
is surrounded by the Bakiga and Batwa pygmies. This also means that a
visit to this park doesn’t only reward travel endeavors with magical
mountain gorilla encounters but also with thrilling cultural experiences
from the Batwa and Bakiga communities where you will be amazed by their
rare dances, music performances and also get a chance to learn more
about their life styles.

What to do in Bwindi National Park


Mountain gorilla trekking

The main activity in this park is mountain gorilla trekking and it takes
visitors through the thick forest and steep slopes to look out for the
rare mountain gorillas. To track gorillas in this park, there are four
main trailheads where treks usually start from and they include Buhoma,
Ruhija, Nkuringo and Rushaga. Each of these regions feature habituated
gorilla families of which Bwindi National Park comprises of about 17
habituated groups which are readily available for this life changing
experience. To be part of this lifetime gorilla safari experience, you
need $600 to secure your permit.

Gorilla habituation experience


Unlike other destinations where gorilla trekking safaris
are conducted, Bwindi National Park offers both the usual gorilla treks
and gorilla habituation experiences. With gorilla habituation
experience, you get opportunity to enjoy incredible moments with these
great apes in the wild. Bwindi National Park is the only national park
in the world where gorilla habituation experience is conducted. With
this adventure, you have all the fours to be with gorillas, explore
their behavior, take photos as many as you can. It is a rare experience
the fact that it takes you through semi-habituated gorilla families.

Bird watching


For those of you who love birding, Bwindi National Park is one of a few
remarkable birding habitats you need to consider a must to explore.
About 350 bird species call this park a home and these include 23
species that are endemic to the Albertine rift. Among the many birds
that thrive within this park include the African green broadbill, short
tailed warbler, blue headed sunbird and others. Bird watching in this
forested protected area is conducted in four of its main trails-Buhoma
waterfall, bamboo zone, Mubwindi swamp trail in Ruhija.

Nature walks/hiking

This park comprises of 6 (six) nature trails most of which are found
within Buhoma sector and you can embark on guided nature walks which
take you through hidden treasures of this protected area. Among other
incredible sites for you to explore include the waterfalls, primates,
mountain views as well as bird species. The nature trails in this park
include the Muyanga waterfall walk, Ivy River walk, Rushura hill walk,
Muzubijiro loop, Habinyanja trail and many others.
Other safari activities for you to do while on safari in this park include cycling or mountain biking, cultural encounters.

Where to stay in Bwindi National Park

Bwindi National Park is known for its numerous accommodation facilities
where tourists spend a night before or after their strenuous adventures.
The available lodges for you choose for your overnight stay in Bwindi
include Chameleon Hill lodge, Buhoma lodge, Mahogany springs lodge,
Silverback lodge, Nkuringo Bwindi gorilla lodge, Trackers safari lodge,
Buhoma gorilla resort, Gorilla safari lodge, Bwindi Jungle Lodge and
many more.

Getting to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is reachable both by road and
by air. By road, most routes to this park converge to Butogota
approximately 108 kilometers away from Kabale to Buhoma through Ruhija.
If you are traveling from Kampala, you will head off to Buhoma via
Kabale to Ntungamo. There are also many other routes. Alternatively, you
can embark on direct flight from Entebbe International Airport or
Kajjansi airstrip to Kisoro or Kihihi airstrip where you can easily
connect up to the park within a shortest time.

Conclusively, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is not only
popular for mountain gorillas but also for a number of most significant
wildlife species for you to catch a glimpse at while on Uganda safari.


Guide to Visiting Kahuzi Biega National Park

What most travelers on safari to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have in mind is that tourism in the eastern side of this magical country entirely depends on the mountain gorilla trekking but the later isn’t true. A visit to this particular side of DRC offers travelers yet another incredible opportunity to encounter the unique eastern lowland gorillas that thrive in Kahuzi Biega National Park. This park was gazetted in 1970 mainly to offer refuge to these rare primate species. For primate safari seekers, the park is the only site worldwide where you can catch a glimpse at these most fascinating creatures.

This forest protected area spans for over 6000 square kilometers making it one of the largest parks in the DRC. Its name comes from the two extinct volcanoes that dominate its high sector-Mount Kahuzi and Biega that stretch for about 3308 meters and 2790 meters respectively.

This park is a true hidden treasure of the world the fact that it rewards visitors with thrilling primate experiences. Its vegetation cover comprises of swamps, bogs, marshlands, tropical rain forests a mention but a few thus offering refuge to variety of wildlife species. Around 1980, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kahuzi Biega National Park is situated suitably in western Bukavu Town, south Kivu province and small portion of this park lies within the Mitumba Massif of the Albertine rift valley and largest portion of it is mainly lowland terrain. This park receives average annual precipitation of 1800 mm and maximum temperatures of about 18 degrees Celsius and minimum of 10.4 degrees Celsius.

The DR Congo visa

To pay a visit to DR Congo for any purpose, you need a visa even when you are on gorilla safari. Interestingly, there are relatively affordable tourist visa for visitors on safari in DR Congo. While booking for your gorilla permit in the Democratic Republic of Congo still you can use the same safari company to help you secure a visa for you.

How to get to Kahuzi Biega National Park

This park is situated about 40 kilometers off Bukavu town and you need about 1 and half hours’ drive to get there. It can be reached through various means-by road-you drive or take a bus from Bukavu or drive from Rwanda through Cyangugu border area from Burundi through Uvira border and then from Goma by road on Lake Kivu. By boat-there are many operators that operate each day between Goma and Bukavu with tickets for rapid boats costing about US$50 and then those that are large and slow cost between 8 and 25 dollars. You can obtain a ticket at the ports in Goma and Bukavu and you can do this early enough. By air-take a flight and land in a nearby international airport in Goma, Bujumbura-Burundi or Kigali Rwanda, Entebbe airport then connect to DR Congo.

What to do in Kahuzi Biega National Park

There are lots of things to do in the Kahuzi Biega National Park. Here are the most popular adventure activities that you can incorporate into your next holiday into the park;

Gorilla trekking

A visit to Kahuzi Biega National Park is perfect for you to track the lowland gorillas and this park comprises of 2 groups out of about 9 that are available. Treks to view these rare primates are more like mountain gorilla trekking in the Virunga National Park. Kahuzi Biega National Park offers refuge to eastern lowland gorillas making it a unique gorilla destination. The gorilla safari adventure may last you about half an hour to six hours while hiking through the dense vegetation.

Volcano hiking
Mount Kahuzi

A side from tracking the eastern lowland gorillas, Kahuzi Biega National Park is also ideal for volcano hiking. This park comprises of a duo inactive Volcanoes where it derived its name-Mount Kahuzi and Biega and exploring their summits rewards with breathtaking views of the park, wildlife and other surrounding areas. While on a hike, you also wind through the bamboo and subalpine vegetation which inhabits variety of wildlife species including several primates such as owl faced monkeys and birds.

Birding in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Bird Watching in Kahuzi Biega

Kahuzi Biega National Park offers refuge to over 342 species of birds 42 of which are endemic to the park making it a true birder’s haven. While on birding safari at this park, you have a chance to spot out avifauna species such as the Congo peafowl, African green broadbill, yellow crested helmet shrike a mention but a few.

Nature walks

For nature lovers, the best way for you to explore the hidden treasures within this park is by embarking on nature walk. There are many trails that take visitors through this tropical rain forest protected area to different tourist sites including Kibati Falls plus other 3 magical waterfalls. Besides, you have a chance to meet other pristine wildlife, vegetation, trees, birds, plants a mention but a few. In addition, there are also historical and cultural resources that are worth exploring while you are on safari in this park.

Where to stay

Wondering about where to stay on your next safari? Currently, there are plans to develop good accommodation facilities within the park. You can consider staying at nearby lodges that have been developed in either Bukavu or close to the park. Some of the popular lodge for visitor overnight stay includes L’Orchids safari club and Lodge Coco in Bukavu.


Going on a Gorilla Safari in Africa

Uganda- Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo are popularly known for gorilla trekking. The three countries are proud for hosting one of the rarest species of the gorillas called Mountain Gorillas.  DRC on the other hand offers Lowland and Mountain Gorillas in Kahuzi -Biega National Park and Virunga National Park respectively.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National park are proven to have the largest number of mountain gorillas worldwide.  Gorilla news for Gorilla trekkers is that, Bwindi protects 18 habituated Mountain Gorilla Families while Mgahinga Gorilla park has one habituated Gorilla family.

Rwanda protects ten habituated Gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park. The park is situated in Ruhengeri province in northern Rwanda. The mountainous park offers fascinating views of the mighty Virunga ranges hence making Gorilla trekking memorable.

Rwanda Gorilla park is easily accessible – its 2hrs drive from Kigali Airport/ city to Volcanoes National Park. You can even decide to do one day gorilla trek to save time and money.  For people on very tight schedule, can fly to Kigali- do gorilla trekking and then fly out. For that case, the arrival flight should be around 4:30am – drive to the park for 2hrs and then report to the briefing point at 7:30am – Trek Gorillas and return to the Airport by 6:30 pm – fly out.

Rwanda has ten habituated Gorilla families – making it easy to get Gorilla permits. It should be noted that a maximum of eight people is allowed to trek each Gorilla family. That means there is a room for eighty visitors to trek Gorillas every day.

COVID-19 control measures– Rwanda is well organized – all Social operation procedures (SOP) are followed before Gorilla trekking – During gorilla trekking and after Gorilla Trekking to control the spread of Corona Virus. Like wise in Uganda, all international visitors are supposed to come with certificates proving COVID-19 free visitor. It must be with the advance checkup duration of 72 hours.

Uganda protects the largest number of Mountain Gorillas – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga gorilla parks are well known for keeping the largest number of mountain gorillas with 19 habituated gorilla groups making it easier to get gorilla trekking pass. You can only confirm this when you go on a gorilla safari to Mgahinga – Bwindi region. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has four trekking centres: Nkuringo, Ruhija, Rushaga and Buhoma.

Uganda and Rwanda are politically stable – For a long time, Rwanda has never engaged any war since 1994 Genocide Movement which cost the lives of about 800000 people. Uganda has also been stable since 1986 war which brought president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tihaburwa in power. Peace and stability have facilitated Gorilla trekking in the two countries. On the other hand, DRC experiences season insecurity which sometimes forces the government to halt Gorilla tourism. Its true that DRC experiences on and off Gorilla tourism but still people visit for other added good factors.

Democratic Republic of Congo offers cheap Gorilla permit at US$400 – For travelers wanting to save some money, DRC is an option. Compared to Rwanda Gorilla permit at US$1500, Uganda Gorilla permit cost US$700 that means, DRC is the cheapest country as far as Gorilla trekking is concerned.

DRC has both low and Mountain Gorillas – Its amazing to visit both Lowland Gorillas in kahuzi- Biega national Park and Mountain Gorillas in Virunga National Park. Rwanda and Uganda only offer Mountain Gorilla trekking thus clients wanting to see both, better visit DRC.

Other activities apart from Gorilla trekking – Uganda- Rwanda and DRC offers chimpanzee trekking, boat trips, city tour, Game viewing drives, nature walks, Golden monkey trekking among others. Other activities supplement Gorilla trekking and you can do any after or before.

Things to Do

Top Things to See & Do in Queensland

Australia’s natural beauty and great climate provides endless options when it comes to camping grounds. According to the Real Richness Report, kids say their parents are more fun and less stressed when they are on a camping holiday, with 91 per cent of children saying that spending time exploring the outdoors with their parents would make them feel happy.

The famously fun golden stretches of sand that make up Queensland’s Gold and Sunshine Coasts are just two of the fantastic options available for Australian campers. Gold Coast Holiday Park and the Caloundra BIG4 Holiday Park are both ideal for family holidays, providing an affordable way to experience these iconic Australian holiday locations.

Located close to Australia’s best theme parks, the Gold Coast Holiday Park is spread over 32 acres of nature, space and freedom for families to kick back and relax. Make the most of family time with the many activities on offer such as the jumping pillow, swimming in the huge pool, riding the BMX track, spotting kangaroos and koalas on a unique nature walk and fishing in the salt water creek.

Caloundra BIG4 Holiday Park on the Sunshine Coast is an equally fun family spot to relax this Easter. Be among the first to experience the parks recent $10 million redevelopment offering a range of accommodation options – from luxury cabins to caravan and camping sites – along with plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy.

If you’re not the camping type, there are other great options like the child friendly Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise. Not only does this hotel have stunning Pacific Ocean views it provides easy access to the famous Gold Coast beaches and theme parks.


5 Best Romantic Places Around the World

Meeting Mr. Right means falling in love naturally, but that romance has to be kept alive. The advancement in technology and the need for commitments has made life hectic, fast paced and lifeless, that lover’s desire for togetherness is felt only in romantic places. Valentines Day and the quiet lunches bring back the romance, but certainly this can be made more special on romantic places. There are well-known romantic places on this wonderful planet, Earth. These romantic places are certain to drive you crazy in love.

  • Florence, Italy has lots for lovers to make it a romantic place. The wine and the natural beauty especially, the Tuscany region offers a wonderful stay. Spending time at a waterside restaurant in the evening and ordering a glass of Brunello and mouthwatering pizzas takes away the time. The mysterious sensation makes the lovers more romantic. The best time to visit is June to September and can enjoy reasonable prices.
  • Paris is exotic and reveals alluring romantic images. It is regarded to be the Mecca for love. Visiting Eiffel tower or even holding hands and walking down the street gives a romantic feel as the aura in Paris also depicts love.
  • Switzerland is a paradise for lovers as it is the ultimate romance destination having endless places worth visiting. The Alps, the Aletsch Glacier the Murren and Wengen waterfalls and many more make the best attractions.
  • Bath in England is a romantic city in Britain prominent for elaborate weddings. Venice in Italy offers romantic transport such as boats making it a scenic lover’s nest amidst the mystical fog and serene water. There are spectacular events also making it truly appealing.
  • India with its diverse cultures as well proves to a fabulous romantic place that offers everyone something. Some of the hearts racing places are Kodaikanal, Shimla, Manali, Darjeeling, Srinagar, Nainital, Gangtok and Mount Abu. With romance there are places in India offering adventure sports like bungy jumping, nature camps, trekking and Para gliding at Rishikesh. The romance mood is apparent at Lake Palace at Udaipur, Umaid Bhawan Palace at Jodhpur and the City Palace at Jaipur.
Guides Tips

A Short Guide to Choosing the best Hotel

Many of us go away on holiday and expect to find a hotel which is perfect and with no flaws. However, the reality is that sometimes we’ll book ourselves into a place that just does not either suit us or for some other reason. Below are a few pointers which may help you and no matter whether you are a seasoned traveller or simply taking that short break, the below advice should assist you in choosing the right hotel accommodation.

Does the dining offer a varied spread of different foods?

How many times have we gone into a hotel and only found a few things on the menu? It really does matter what one needs in the food department and any hotel most certainly needs to be on top of this point. With families coming from all over the world, foods of many different types need to be available. Food can really be the testing factor of any hotel and if that is not at a good standard then people simply won’t return. Good hotels usually give a good spread and also give ones whole family the freedom of choice.

How well does the hotel take care of families?

This is an important one and most of us would agree that families usually pack hotels during the summer season. A good hotel needs to know that the family is one of its main business endeavours and of course allot of care is involved. With children in particular there should be a wealth of facilities catered for such and in any capacity. Why go to a hotel that doesn’t offer children amenities?

Are the rooms clean?

One of the biggest bugbears of any hotel would be an untidy room. This point is rare however I’m sure it happens. Hotels around really do keep this point on the ball nonetheless if you do encounter it, simply ask for another room straight away. This point really does show the care factor and hotels need to have the vested interest in keeping every inch of their organisations clean at all times. It’s even worse when you are in a foreign country and there is a mess to greet you!

Is the room service competent?

Often being in a different country one can feel a little out of the norm and one often does need the care and commitment from a hotel to look after them. If the room service is bad then not only does the hotel reputation go by the boards but people just won’t want to be there. Room service must be caring and able to cater for the large demands which are encumbered on them day in day out. Nobody likes an ill-mannered room service and a service not up to standards.

Does your chosen hotel have a good track record?

How often have we checked into a hotel only to find that the place is an absolute nightmare? It’s important to do your research before you start the booking process. Does the hotel have a website? Find reviews on the hotel in particular and make your own decision.

The points above are rare, however if you do encounter them then one is certainly less likely to return, which means reduced pleasure from your holiday. A good hotel is really worth looking into and one will do well in checking through all the points just outlined beforehand which will certainly make your stay much more pleasurable, comfortable and enjoyable.


Best 5 Underrated Places to Visit in 2021

There are lots of impressive tourist spots around the world. Here are some of the best places to visit from different continents

There are some nations, such as The the air jordan, where the differences of scenery will keep you with the mouth area open. Oct is perfect for journeying in this place, with temperature ranges in the north gets to 20 levels Celsius, even a little more, in the Red Sea and near the Wadi Rum wasteland. The most popular locations to check out on a mini-vacation for a few days or even a bigger one are Roman remains at Jerash, Madaba Variety houses or try a swimming in the Dead Sea.

Seychelles, an isle state, is one of the last refuges of the World overcome by people. A population in Oceania and South eastern Arabic and Arabs were the first who frequented the isles in East African-american but without developing hives in this globe. In Aldabra you will find the biggest population of Aldabra tortoises (Dipsochelys dussumieri) with over 150,000 crazy duplicates. Mahe is the biggest isle in the Seychelles isles. Also, here is the city of Victoria, investment of Seychelles, with a population of 25,000 out of 84,000 population of this nation.

The second biggest city in Italy, Marseille is situated in old and popular Provence. Marseille is in 2013 the Western Capital of Lifestyle, so here are structured many celebrations, songs activities and cinema artistry. Not to be skipped Calanques Nationwide Recreation place, situated at the advantage of city, where you will see lagoons, coves, seashores, and whales, turtles and unusual crazy birds.
The best times to check out are June-August Marseilles for the seashores, from Apr to May and Sept to Oct, when temperature ranges are more enjoyable and fewer visitors.

Singapore Botanical Garden
In South eastern Japan, Singapore is the discordant see.
It is a stylish, innovative and lavish place. Natural Lawn makes no exemption, being regarded one of the best on the globe. It was develop in 1859 on a place of 52 hectares and is separated into three segments.

Port of Thessaloniki will absolutely pleasure you, with historical Byzantine and Ottoman artifacts. Thessaloniki is a city that brings together art and culture to-night life, so more and more teenagers choose to spend their holiday here. July-August is the most popular period, while This summer and Sept can be a great choice for less noisy holidays. Thessaloniki Worldwide Movie Event is organised here every Nov.

Malawi’s Lake of Stars
At the boundary with Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia is Malawi, which is also known as “lake of stars”. The area is known for it’s a fantasy ponds, dirty streets, maize areas, baobab plants and all natural women that Nyika Nationwide Recreation place can cover up.


10 Tips for Tourists Visiting Congo Gorillas

A face to face encounter with the rare mountain gorillas has become the most sought after adventure in Africa. Staring at the large primates in their natural habitat is the most humbling thing in life. Gorilla trekking occurs in an elevation of 2500 meters above seas level. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to take their time. The early morning briefing will start at 7:00am and at 8:00am you will hit on the jungles to search for your gorilla group. The Congo gorilla trek takes place in high mountain tropical forest where there is thick vegetation cover and heavy rains are experienced. This calls for interested trekkers to be physically prepared to hike through the jungles of Virunga National Park.


If you have heavy luggage, there is no need to stress the mind because there are porters to be hired and they will help you to carry your luggage as you enjoy your trek, take as many photos as possible without any inconvenience. Porters are around the briefing station. By hiring one, you would have impacted on the lives of these ex-poachers.

Physical Fitness

If you physically disabled or find any hardships in hiking, there are special solutions including hiring the special service of stretcher with porter. Everything is possible in the park and every trekker has hopes of achieving his or her dreams. The time that visitors spend in the forest is unpredictable and tracking can last from 3 hours to 8 hours which nearly an entire day.

What to carry on gorilla trekking

Most importantly, you will need to come with your passport, Inoculation certificate against yellow fever, money to cater for your personal expenses, strong waterproof hiking boots but they should be of light weight, long sleeved shirts/T-shirt, trousers, a camera with no flashlight, extra batteries, snacks, bottle of water, insect repellents, gardening gloves, sun glasses, hat among others.

What to wear on gorilla trek

You need long sleeved shirt/T-shirt and other clothing that environmentally friendly. The wear should be fitting and makes you to relax, and that can keep you warm incase of coldness. Most lodges around the park offers laundry services at a pocket friendly cost.

Gorilla permits

Gorilla permits are in high demand and this means that visitors have to book for their permits before the safari date that they wish to travel for the adventure. Payments can be done through your trusted tour operator or direct through park authorities. Gorilla permits in DR Congo are obtainable at $400 per visitor.

What to expect on gorilla trek

There are currently 8 gorilla families in DR Congo. There are only 8 permits that are always issued per day per family and time allowed for visitors to be with gorillas is strictly 1 hour. The trek occurs through the Bamboo covered by the Virunga Mountains in Virunga National Park. Whereas trackers are always sent to the forest to ascertain the location of gorilla groups, allowing them to weigh every family as simple, medium or hard, mountain gorillas like any wild creatures keeps moving throughout the course of the day. The trek begins at 7:00am at the parks headquarters and by 8:00am after the early morning briefing, you will set off to the jungles to look for your assigned gorilla family. Every trek begins with relatively flat hike from the trailhead car park to the bottom of the slopes and after, it may not easy to predict. Treks can go from 30 to 8 hours with guides who will be clearing way for you using the machetes. As you get closer to these apes, the guide will request you to leave the bags with the porters and only take your camera with you. At this time, you will have one hour with gorillas, explore their daily behavior but at a distance of 8 meters.

Acquiring a DR Congo visa

To apply for Congo visa, you will need original passport valid for about three months. There are two types of visas-the Congo tourist visa and business. You can choose the type that you need depending on the reason of your travel in the country. Those who wish to visit the park for gorilla adventures and hiking safaris, they can get visas through webpage. You will be required book your visa in advance and in order for you to apply for single entry visas, you will need about $105. The process goes for the 7 working days and then you get your scanned file of a fax copy from Kinshasa.

Best time to visit Virunga National Park

Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park is best in the dry season which starts in the month of June to September to February. At this time, the habitat for these species remains dry and hiking also becomes easier. The wet season starts in the months of March to April and October to November. Trekking gorillas during this season is hard because the terrains tend to be muddy.

Safety and security:

If you are planning for your safari to DRC it is important that you ascertain with the current security situation of the country before traveling to the country. The security in DRC isn’t stable particularly in places such Ituri, North and South Kivu, Haut Lomami, Kasai, Kasai central, Kasai oriental, Maniema and Tanganyika areas to the west and east of Kananga as well as Tshikapa and Mwene-Ditu (The Foreign and Common Wealth Office FCO. About cross border security in the DRC, the security divisions and Virunga national park authorities are available to safeguard and provide information regarding safety and insecure places and visitors are always advised to get updated information before taking a trip to the destination. Contact any nearest British Embassy or visit the official website of the Virunga National Park for further information.

In conclusion gorilla trekking is a breathtaking adventure that requires intending trekkers to be well prepared to hike through the jungles of Virunga National Park to view the magnificent primates in their wilderness. DR Congo is also blessed with the incredible Eastern Lowland gorillas on top of the critically endangered mountain gorillas.