The 5 Best Beaches in San Diego

San Diego is offered up as a great destination for people looking to take a vacation on the beach. Here are some recommendations on San Diego beaches from a local.

San Diego Beaches

When people think of San Diego, they inevitably imagine year around sun and beautiful beaches. Ironically, the worst time to visit San Diego is from the middle of May through the middle of June. During this time period, the coast is socked with low clouds and the sun breaks through for no more than a couple of hours a day. In fact, we call the annual process by the name of June Gloom.

Assuming you come at a different time, the beaches of San Diego offer up plenty of variety and beauty. There are literally hundreds of beaches you can visit, but a select few are worth a mention.

If you are looking for the beach with college kids and a party scene, Pacific Beach is the place to be. The beach is wide, wild and packed. A sidewalk runs the length of the beach to the south and is a great place to people watch. If you prefer an alcoholic beverage with your people watching, the outdoors deck at Lahainas is the place to be. The suds flow all day, but make sure to get there early as the deck is small.

For a more relaxed experience, the beaches of Del Mar offer a choice spot. The beaches are designated by the numbered streets that intersect them. If you are looking to surf, 9th street is the place to be if you are willing to walk down the cliff. If you just want to loaf, play a little volleyball and so on, anywhere from 19th to 25th street should do the trick. Del Mar is a particularly good place to be during the fourth of July since the racetrack on the back side of the beach puts on a fireworks show. Keep in mind there will be tons of people.

If you prefer to have most of the beach to yourself, you need to look to the beaches backed by cliffs. People are lazy, so they tend not to congregate in these area since you have to hoof it up and down the paths to get to the beach. Stone Steps in Encinitas is a personal favorite. The beach is used sparsely, which makes it a good place to swim and just loaf.

The honest truth is you really cannot go wrong with San Diego beaches as long as you avoid June gloom. If you decide to visit, give me a wave. I’m the tan guy!


Enjoy a Safari in Magical Kenya

Kenya the homeland of the big five offers exceptional wildlife viewing year round the reason as to why many Royalty, politicians, aristocracy, and Move stars visited the country in 1900 to hunt for Rhinos, Buffaloes, elephants, leopards and lions. As the countries favorite Masai Mara is one of the best places in Africa to see big cats, Lake Nakuru for White rhinos and Flamingos which attract thousands to watch them as they feed in the shallow waters. Lake Bogoria is another spot for flamingos in Kenya so if you love birds its worthy to be included among your birding travel destinations in Africa.

Over 56 National parks and reserves are found in Kenya which makes it the world safari capital of Africa. The most visited parks include Masai Mara National Reserve (a recreational area of big cats, wildebeest migration & the big five), Lake Nakuru National Park (the school of flamingoes & the big five), Amboseli National Park (well-known for the awesome views of Mount Kilimanjaro plus the big five), Samburu National Reserve ( a park which connects to Buffalo springs without limit & a residence to the big five), Tsavo west National Park (famed for its location and the big five), Buffallo springs National reserve (hosts the big five plus open connectivity to samburu, Tsavo East National park (the comfort zone of the big five), and Aberdares National park (Nice spot of the big five though lions are hard to find).

A safari in Kenya is one of the most rewarding journey to the African continent. Thousands of travelers visit Kenya to enjoy a safari in its best national parks such as Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara national park and more.

When to Visit Kenya

Visit Kenya any time of the year but for best game viewing make it during the dry season from late June to October since the wildebeest migrations arrives in Masai Mara in July and it goes back to Serengeti plains in Tanzania in October. This makes Masai Mara more busy and exceptional from the other parks. Access this wildlife haven in Africa by air through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) in Nairobi Kenya’s capital and biggest transport hub. Both domestic and international flights are conducted in Nairobi from and too different corners of the world. Say Jambo to the warmth, ethnic group of the Masai tribe as you watch them dance, sing in appreciation of their Gifted land in the wild.