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Top 7 Things to See And Do In Kenya

Kenya is more and more popular with foreign tourists – not surprisingly, if we look what the country has to offer. What are the top seven things to see and do in Kenya?

1. Going on a safari

Kenya maintains a well-managed system of national parks, who are among the finest of Africa. This has made Kenya the top safari destination in the world. Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park are the most popular wildlife resorts, and they draw in the tourist high seasons (July-August and December-January). However, there are plenty of hidden gems for safaris left.

My favorites are the impressive Mount Elgon National Park – the area around Africa’s third-biggest mountain – and the small but beautiful Saiwa Swamp National Park. Both attract few visitors but are of a breathtaking beauty and tranquility.

2. Visit the Swahili coast region

Within Kenya, the coastal region stands apart. Arabs have frequented this part along the Indian Ocean since the 9th century, and this has led to the rise of the famous Swahili culture – the vibrant mix of African, Arab and Indian cultures. Many people are Muslim here, although of a liberal type.

If you have the chance, watch a Taarab performance, seductive African-Arab-Indian music played at weddings and other festivities. And of course, Kenya has 500 kilometers of white sand beaches with excellent and affordable beach resorts, where you can dine and sip Martinis right at your private beach.

3. Visit a tribal village

Especially the Masai, Samburu and Turkana peoples still live a traditional, tribal lifestyle. It’s possible to visit their villages and do a tea drinking ceremony or watch traditional dances. However, ask a travel guide to direct you to a good opportunity, as too much of tourist visits turn into demoralizing high-pressure sales events.

4. Experience the Wildebeest Migration

Perhaps the best of all Kenya travel tips. Each year in September-October, between half to one million Wildebeest suddenly gather on the Serengeti plains in Tanzania, after which they trek in a big circle through the south of Kenya and back again. It’s one of the biggest wildlife shows on earth. Some lodges are strategically placed so you’ll be right in the middle of it.

5. Take a balloon trip

Short hot air balloon trips over one of the major wildlife resorts – especially Masai Mara – have become increasingly popular. They typically leave very early in the morning so you’ll spend the first hours after sunrise gliding over the Kenyan plains, which is the best time for animal watching. There’s breakfast with champagne after landing. Priced around $400, they aren’t cheap, however.

6. Visit Nairobi

Who’s afraid of big bad Nairobi? It doesn’t have the best reputation, but actually I like Nairobi, and if you take some common sense precautions, nothing unpleasant is likely to happen to you. Nairobi is a really cosmopolitan place, where Africans and whites of all nationalities gather.

My favorite places include Simmers, for a late breakfast with good coffee and newspapers, and the New Florida nightclub (nicknamed “Madhouse”), which indeed is a pretty crazy place in the early hours… And just outside Nairobi is the huge Nairobi National Park, making Nairobi one of the few world capitals where you can be in the middle of the wild bush with a 30-minute taxi ride from the city center.

7. Go diving in the Indian Ocean

Kenya has great possibilities for diving and snorkeling, even by professional standards. The reefs at Watamu National Park along the coast are in an excellent condition. There are many of very exotic fish, in every color and shape conceivable. Fishers are totally banned from the waters, so you’ll not be disturbed. Even harmless whale sharks visit the waters regularly, a highlight for any diver.

With this list of Kenya travel tips, I still haven’t mentioned trekking the permanently iced Mount Kenya, the huge pink flamingo population of Lake Nakuru, the coastal city of Mombasa with it’s ancient fortress, the paradise island of Lamu, the dhow races, and much more.


Traveling With Teens? 6 Tips to Make Family Travel Easier

When it comes to family travel, almost nothing compares to the challenges of traveling with teens. Sure, traveling with infants is no easy task, but as the parent, you really can set the tone for the trip. But with teens – all that changes. It’s during these years that your kids may assert themselves more, sleep in and expect everyone to cater to their schedule – or worse yet, ask to stay at home instead of indulging their moms and dads with the long-awaited family vacation.

The good news is that all is not lost. You just have to find out what makes your son or daughter “tick” – and include them throughout the family travel planning process so you can create an itinerary that works for you, them and the rest of your brood. Some simple ways to do this include:

· Formulating a list of destinations together, then whittling it down to somewhere you can all agree on.

· Selecting a hotel that specializes in family travel. Many of these types of accommodations will feature amenities for everyone in your family, including pools, spas, tennis, outdoor activities, beaches and even special day camps for younger kids.

· Asking your teens what they’d like to get from their vacation – then challenging them to find events and attractions that meet their needs (and would be appropriate for everyone in your family).

· Once you’ve arrived, give them a taste of life beyond their teens by leaving your younger kids with your spouse or a babysitter and spending a night on the town. Go to a nice dinner, hit the theater or listen to some live music. This will help your teens see you through new eyes – and give them a glimpse at the experiences that lie ahead.

· Giving your teens a day to plan activities for the entire family – from where to eat breakfast to how to spend the evening. You’ll not only get to know your teens better, but doing all of the family travel planning for the day will give them a sense of responsibility.

· Cutting them some slack. You don’t want to put teens in the middle of a new city and let them fend for themselves, but giving them a little breathing room on your trip might be a good thing. Even if it’s only separating for a couple of hours at a museum or letting them catch a movie while you go to lunch with your spouse, it just might do you – and them – a world of good.

For those of you with just one child… a teen… it may behoove you to allow him or her to bring a friend along. Although this extra person will certainly add a twist to your usual family dynamic, it may well prove to be a fun, positive thing for you and them.


Pizza Shops in Calgary – The Perfect Blend of Crust, Cheese, Sauce and Toppings

Are you after the tastiest gluten-free pizza delivery service shops? Do you have a gluten intolerance and can’t eat certain ingredients? If so, finding a local shop which not only offers gluten-free pizza delivery, but ensures fresh taste, quality ingredients, as well as authenticity, are a few of the many ways in which customers can find the best pizza in Calgary. When placing an order, there are several shops that deliver pizza in Calgary from which you can choose; so, which ones offer what you are looking for?

Types of pizza sold –
Does the shop offer a variety of pizza pies? From gluten-free, to special toppings(Hawaiian, meat lover’s, etc), or custom-ordered pizzas? Do they use a variety of doughs, sauces and ingredients, and guarantee the freshest ingredients on each pie they make? Not only do you want a wide range of options and toppings from which to choose, but you have to look for shops that offer a variety of specialty options and great tasting pizzas you can order, as well.

Delivery options –
Are you ordering one pie or several? Do you need custom pizzas made, or do you simply want cheese blends and tomato sauce on each pie? Regardless of the number of pies you are ordering, the toppings or ingredients, or how quickly you need them delivered (for a party or gathering), the top-rated shops can deliver and guarantee fresh taste and hot delivery. So, taking the time to call a few shops, comparing the prices, delivery options, time for delivery, as well as fresh taste guarantees, are some of the ways you can go about ensuring guests will love the pizza, and you will be pleased with the service and price you are going to pay for the delivery order being placed.

Authenticity and taste –
If a shop uses and orders fresh ingredients daily, you can rest assured you are going to love the taste and notice the quality. And, if it is an authentic shop, owned by Italians or owners who have been in this line of work for many years, you are sure to notice a difference in the taste and quality of the pizza and other items they sell on the menu. When placing an order for pizza, whether it is gluten-free or traditional crust, you do have many local options for delivery. Taking the time to compare a few shops will allow you to find the absolute best on the local market.

Freshness guaranteed, timely delivery, authentic taste, well-known owners, and great reputation – these are a few of the many traits that one should look for when choosing a pizza shop. No matter what taste you love or ingredient blend you wish to try, you can find it with a reputable pizza shop. But before you place an order, shop around, compare, and learn which pizza shops are well known, to guarantee rich, fresh taste, and ultimate satisfaction.